Amy Stark:

Creating the Life You Want

In this episode, Amy shares her journey from sickness to health, and from science teacher to energy healer. 

We not only talk about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and how it is a shortcut to healing, but Amy gives us a treat by taking us through a tapping exercise created just for this audience.

Show Notes
In this episode, we hear from Energy Healer Amy Stark. Amy shares her journey from sickness to health, and from science teacher to energy healer. We discuss how essential it is to get out of a sympathetic state and into a parasympathetic state in order to heal, and why meditation can be such a great tool. We not only talk about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and how it is a shortcut to healing, but Amy gives us a treat by taking us through a tapping exercise created just for this audience.
Our Guest For This Episode
Amy Stark
Amy Stark is an author, speaker, and teacher about personal transformation and host of The Stark Transformation Show.

For over a decade, Amy has been teaching others how to master their life and energy with the most cutting-edge tools and techniques. Amy has a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Education, is an L.M.T, and a biohacker at heart.

She is a trained Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, E.F.T Practitioner, and is known around the world for helping people to create happier and healthier lives full of joy and purpose.

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Episode Transcript
[00:00:00] Julie Michelson: Welcome to the inspired living with auto-immunity podcast. I'm your host, Julie Michaelson. And I am so glad you're here.Today we're joined by Amy Stark. In this episode, Amy helps connect the dots between science and energy. And we talk about how we can take our power back and create the health and life we want.

[00:00:54] Amy is an author, speaker and teacher about personal transformation and the host of the [00:01:00] stark transformation show.For over a decade Amy has been teaching others how to master their life and energy with the most cutting edge tools and techniques. Amy has a degree in psychology. A master's in education is a licensed massage therapist and a biohacker at heart.

[00:01:19] She's a trained Reiki master. Reconnected healer EFT practitioner and is known around the world for helping people create happier and healthier lives full of joy and purpose.

[00:01:31] Amy welcome to the podcast. So thank you so much for being here with us.

[00:01:35] Amy Stark: I'm excited to be here. Thank you for having me.

[00:01:39] Julie Michelson: So one of the first things I like to ask people, just to shake things up a little bit is to share with the audience something that maybe people don't know about. You.

[00:01:51] Amy Stark: Wow. So I challenged because I'm kind of open about everything in my life.

[00:01:57] Well, you're the first to know, because I was just [00:02:00] talking about this, but yesterday I was Coaching my son's soccer team because I played soccer for 25 years and I absolutely love it. And they're in second and third grade and I had originally like six weeks, eight weeks ago hurt my knees and they're finally healing.

[00:02:16] So I was really excited to play with them. So I played with them and I passed the ball to one of the kids and boom, my knee was hurting and I was like, oh, I could feel the electrical energy running through my body. And I walked it off and I was like, okay, good. This is not a setback. But then I got into the car to go home and my car wouldn't start and it's a, you know, one of those push buttons kind of things.

[00:02:37] And I was like, oh man. So I tried three times. It didn't work. I called my wife and I was. Does the key need a battery? Cause it keeps saying key, not detected. So I said to my son, I'm like, hang on. I got to clear my energy. And I said, I think I know why this is happening. So anyway, I cleared my energy and boom, the car started right after and my son goes.[00:03:00]

[00:03:00] And I was like, yep. I had to clear my energy. Cause I just had like this whole electrical surge that happened and he's like, I could feel my feet being pulled to the, the earth as you did that mom. So anyway, that's, that's something that only you knew just seconds ago

[00:03:16] Julie Michelson: and now everybody knows, which is such a great segue.

[00:03:20] So those of you that just got a, oh my gosh, this is going to be a really Wu episode. Amy was a science teacher. So tell us, how did you get from being a science teacher? One of the things I am passionate about is having people connect science and energy. And you and I have talked about this before, but so how does somebody who's a science teacher and being an energy worker, energy healer for

[00:03:44] Amy Stark: little.

[00:03:45] Yeah, it was completely an accident. Probably, but divinely guided. I was actually really sick as a child and didn't really understand why I was always so sick. I had a twin sister who was always healthy, which was extra annoying and By the time I got to [00:04:00] be 18 years old and went off to school. I also was starting to understand this dynamic of like, I am my own person because I have a twin and it was really shocking to me that I was my own person.

[00:04:10] So that was like a whole new world to me. Like, what do I like, what are my preferences? Like, what do I want to do? And sure enough, I went and got my psychology degree and then I was like, Hmm, I don't want to be a psychology, you know, See people every day and then office and talk about their problems.

[00:04:26] And because it didn't feel like a complete process at the time. And so I was like, I'm going to be a science teacher because I really love science. So I jumped into the New York city public school system based on a like I was part of a program that was called the New York city teaching fellows, where they were trying to find people outside of the traditional road to being a teacher.

[00:04:47] And I. What are the most dangerous schools and probably the country. And I they're like teach us science. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is scary. So I was throwing it in there with basically no tools. Like they'd like, [00:05:00] literally didn't tell me how to deal with these kids. These are kids had like parole officers and you know, in and out of jail.

[00:05:07] They were kicked out of her school in New York city. I mean, and they threatened my life very often. They came in through 20 minutes of screening. Like, you know, when you're going through the airport, like they checked their shoes, their mouth, their hats, their, everything, their bags. So it was like a.

[00:05:22] Scary situation every day. But I was supposed to be getting my master's degree paid for. So there's the benefit for that? But after what was it? I think four years I was super stressed down. I was like, I can't do this anymore. I just, I fear for my life all the time. It got better after the first year, because I started to really.

[00:05:40] Understand the kids, jive with the kids. They trusted me more. A lot of times, you know, there was rumors that were going around that I was a cop which sorta protected me. So I didn't really squash that. Yeah. Kind of. But then also they thought I had a black belt which some. It started around the school and I let them blow as well.

[00:05:56] But you know, it was interesting. I really got it tuned to energy because I [00:06:00] could tell when the students would walk in, if it was going to be a good class or not. I also, of course my spidey senses were always going because these kids were just, you know very dangerous, rarely. And after four years of that though, my whole nervous system was so whacked out that I, I had to leave teaching and.

[00:06:19] Just by chance. One of my friends had mentioned meditation and I started meditating and I loved it because I felt so good. And then I had the problem of like, being like, oh my gosh, these are my thoughts. Like, I can't believe I didn't even realize these are my thoughts. So then I started working through my thoughts and sure enough, I wound up meditating for about two hours per day.

[00:06:39] Every single day for two years. And then of course I've done meditation a lot since then, but that was really transformational is really I won't, I don't want to say regimented because I don't, that's not who I am really, but it was, it was because I loved it. It was two hours every single day for two years.

[00:06:54] And And I, I just expanded in ways that I didn't expect, so I could share about how we were, [00:07:00] things got after that. But you know, I, wasn't a science teacher and I was teaching about biology. And then when I started seeing energy and feeling energy and getting to this new level of meditation and I had been sick my whole life and I started feeling better.

[00:07:14] And I was like, why isn't this talked about like, where's the science and all this. So that's when. Journey or rabbit hole of figuring out what is the science behind energy or energy healing.

[00:07:26] Julie Michelson: Wow, that is amazing. And I can only imagine after living day in and day out in, you know, fight or flight to find meditation, it just had to be such a, obviously it was impactful, but such a noticeable difference of like, wow, this is what a pair of some state feels like.

[00:07:46] Amy Stark: Totally. I was not only was, I like. At school, but I also was getting my master's degree. I had a second job. I was living in New York city. I was 22 years old. I was at the fast, go, go, go, go pace. You [00:08:00] know? And it was kind of like, oh, and I was coming out of the closet too. So it was like a lot, I was trying to figure stuff out and it was just so much on my plate.

[00:08:08] But yeah, like you said, it was. Stark contrast. That's my last name to what was happening prior to that, like, when I sat in meditation, I was like, wow, this is how good you can feel. I also grew up with six kids in my house. So chaos was what was natural to me. So it wasn't so weird, you know, going into New York city and having all these things going on.

[00:08:26] But when I find it found out what you can really experience and have, I was hooked.

[00:08:33] Julie Michelson: So I know because I, I we've spoken before. We share the view that we actually do hold the power to create our reality, to improve our health, to, you know, all of it. You mentioned that you were meditating two hours a day for a couple of years, and I know meditation was a really key piece of your journey.

[00:08:56] Do you think people have to meditate two hours a day?

[00:08:59] Amy Stark: No. [00:09:00] No. I mean, the level in which I work with people is, is why I was on that journey. You know, now I understand, but I mean, seven minutes a day is all you really need.

[00:09:13] Seven minutes a day is really all that's recommended. And maybe even twice a day, I mean, would be really great because what you're trying to do is really change your heart rate variability, which then gives you a more of a coherent field, which makes you more resilient and more able to handle stress and things like that.

[00:09:28] So there's many reasons why I love meditation. One of which is because it does change your heart rate variability, which is huge for your. You know, health, but also, like I said, I started hearing the thoughts that were going through my mind and the beliefs that I had and how my Mo I really did have control over my thoughts.

[00:09:46] Like they would pop in and I'd be like off and running with, like, I have to go grocery shopping and I needed this, that, and the other thing. And then it be like, this is not what we're doing right now. You're not even in the grocery store, like back it up, put that aside. So I got really good at [00:10:00] bouncing back and forth.

[00:10:00] So like a thought would come in and I would write. Place it aside and say, listen, we're just trying to calm down. Like, let's hear our thoughts, a channel, some energy. Let's see what happens. I'm like I had no, nobody talked to me about this. Like, I, it wasn't, it wasn't like I had took a meditation course. I suddenly just said, why don't you meditate?

[00:10:17] And I was like, I think I need music for that. So that's how I started. So I even said, just start with 15 minutes, ane me on the couch with coffee, if you have to. And that's what.

[00:10:28] Julie Michelson: Which is amazing. I commend you because I hear all the time. I'm sure you do too. One of the biggest resistances people have is, you know, I hear I'm a bad meditator.

[00:10:38] Amy Stark: I can't, we all

[00:10:40] Julie Michelson: are. That's the point. I feel

[00:10:43] Amy Stark: like, I think I want another cup of coffee,

[00:10:45] Julie Michelson: but I was one of those people too. And I would think like, oh my gosh, if I'm making a shopping list, I'm doing it wrong and I'm not getting the value out of it. And so the fact that you didn't have. And just knew, like, just keep returning to it, just stick [00:11:00] with it.

[00:11:00] You're going to get the value is really amazing because so many people just give up and they're like, oh, I must be doing it wrong. I'm not gonna.

[00:11:08] Amy Stark: Yeah. And it was the only because I felt so good that I knew that it must be doing something for me. And I could tell you what really transformed my meditation and practice.

[00:11:19] Do you want to hear so, so. Sitting there and meditating. And I thought of my twin sister, Sarah, and all of a sudden, my eyes started to burn and I was like, that's weird. So it opened my eyes just to make sure I was okay. And I was, so then I was like, okay, let me close my eyes. And all of a sudden my eyes started burning again.

[00:11:39] And I was thinking of my sister, Sarah. Just been in my head you know, like she had just popped in my head. So I was like, you know what? This is weird. Cause my eyes are burning when my eyes are shot and, and they're fine when I'm open. So I called her up and I said, Hey Sarah, how are you doing? And she goes, oh, what did mom tell you?

[00:11:55] I have a double pink eye infection. And I was. What [00:12:00] I was like, that's what my eyes felt like. So then I was like, oh wow, this is a little strange. So the next day I was meditating and I thought of my dad and sure enough, I, my mouth started hurting and I called my mom and I was like, mom, you know, is dad okay?

[00:12:17] You know? And she's like, no, he's at the dentist right now. He bit down on a Walnut last night and broke his tooth. And. What is going on, this was two days in a row of very intense feelings. So then I was like, how do I stop this? Cause I don't want to be feeling like I

[00:12:36] everybody else's pain. Exactly. And so, but then I was like, this is something's happening here. We're all connected somehow. And all I'm doing is just thinking about them when it from a very calm state obviously. And so I had to really figure out. Do I do with this? Like, is this a helpful thing? Like, is this something that I can do something with four people, which

[00:12:58] Julie Michelson: the answer is a [00:13:00] resounding yes.

[00:13:03] So I know you have a lot of tools in your tool. I would love to dive in to EFT. I want to, I want our listeners to know what it is and how it works, why it works, the science behind it, all the

[00:13:18] Amy Stark: things. Sure. So I resisted EFT for awhile. So. Just caveat by saying that that was the truth. I thought it was too hard.

[00:13:28] I thought it was goofy, but then I heard about the science. So the science is what got me. I like it usually does. So when you do one hour of tapping, which is a long you know, amount of tapping, you don't have to do an hour, you can do five minutes or anything. You have any time, amount of time you have.

[00:13:44] But with one hour of tapping, the research says that 72 genes get turned on. Which is amazing. So that's awesome. And there's a 37% decrease in cortisol levels. So when you lower your stress, obviously your [00:14:00] body really benefits. So, and there's millions of other reasons that I could tell you. But it, it really, what I love so much about it is how fast it transforms your mind and body.

[00:14:11] So. Something that you, you can take anywhere and do at any time. So I teach kids, I teach adults, I use it myself. When I feel like this is a situation, which I'm just feeling hijacked by my nervous system. And I'm not thinking clearly I want to show up. Better. Like, for instance, I was coaching on last Saturday and right before that I was trying to teach my mom how to use something that was electric electronic, like, so it's the next play.

[00:14:40] And so if you, if you have a mom that is not good with electronics, you all understand. So she's yelling at me and I'm like, I'm just trying to help. And so anyway, so I walk away and I was like, frustrated, cause I'm like, I was just trying to help and. I have to go coach now. So I'm like, I got to get rid of this energy.

[00:14:56] So I started tapping and I felt a lot better. It's like, why am I, [00:15:00] what exactly triggered me? You know, I went through all the different emotions of like, okay, I feel like I want to help. And she's not listening. She's not hearing me, you know, is it that? And then, so I figured out what was the problem and was able to move past and then show up as a good coach, you know?

[00:15:13] And in fact, my son was even like, are you. The sat on us. And I was like, how do you even know about that? I was like, no, I'm not. I'm going to really not, you know, it's not fair if I do that, it's really remarkable.

[00:15:23] Julie Michelson: It's just, I'm so excited for him because he's just knows all this already. You know,

[00:15:29] Amy Stark: he's a cool little dude.

[00:15:32] It's

[00:15:32] Julie Michelson: amazing. So you said an hour a day, you give us these amazing statistics that honestly, anybody listening to this, if they have auto-immunity or they're listening, cause someone they love does, it's a no brainer. I mean, what you just said is like, okay, you know, let's do it. Is it the kind of thing, like a meditation practice where you can build up time because an hour, a day like that.

[00:15:57] That's a lot for people, no [00:16:00] experience with tapping,

[00:16:01] Amy Stark: right? The reason why I really like EFT over meditation. And if I had had EFT back, you know, 15 years ago I would have probably wanted to start with that because. Meditation is hard and you do have to like sit there and just be totally bored with EFT.

[00:16:19] And sometimes, you know, if you've had really traumatic experiences that they can pop up, which you know is not great because you don't, you're not having a tool to clear it really necessarily if you haven't learned a lot. So EFT is really amazing. Literally calming down the nervous system because of the nature of what you're doing.

[00:16:35] So EFT by the way, stands for emotional freedom technique. So it's a tech body-based technique where you're talking about your feelings and you're sending a signal to your body that interrupts the pattern around that thought. So this is how real transformation happens, because we can tell ourselves.

[00:16:56] Things until we're blue in the face, but if we don't believe them on a body [00:17:00] level then we're not going to be able to find them in our reality or move towards them or attract them into our lives because there's a resistance. Right. So you could say I feel like I'm good at. And that's in your head, but if your body is like, well, you know, we're always exhausted and we never feel like we're good enough because we're always going until the end of you know her.

[00:17:22] So we have it, we have nothing left. Right. So. So we want to get the brain and the body on board, and this is one of the ways to get them on the same page. And then you become this really, really strong, energetic magnet for the things that you want in the world. And it literally is about changing the brain.

[00:17:38] So it starts with the brain and then it trickles down to the body and then the body becomes the attractor because it's much larger. So So that's all right. It's like heal

[00:17:52] Julie Michelson: and move through, but then we also can become this magnet for what we want to be bringing.

[00:17:57] Amy Stark: Yeah. Like, like I said, I was really [00:18:00] sick growing up.

[00:18:00] I mean, I'm talking like in and out of doctor's offices all the time and learning that I was an energetic being has made all the difference in the world. Just starting even back then. I think I was 27 when I took my first energy healing class. I remember the day that I took the first class, I began choosing things differently because my body had cleared some of the programming and some of the reasons for why I chose things at work of the vibration that I wanted to be at.

[00:18:28] So like, Sugar or sodas or things like that that are lower vibration may be a match for you at one point. But then when you start to do the work, you just naturally don't choose anymore. I literally was shocked. I walked into a a bakery and I was like, normally I would honestly, on a weekend. Yeah. I was like, I can choose anything.

[00:18:50] This is like, great. I, you know, I can go for the sugary thing. I can go for the whatever. And then I was like, but that's salad is all I want right now. And I know. Dramatic shift. And [00:19:00] then at that time I was drinking diet Coke that just stopped happening. I thought I'll never be able to give that up. And it was just so easy to give it up because I had raised my vibration.

[00:19:11] I had changed who I was at a cellular level as a, you know, body and mind level. And it just has continued through. The last 16 years, you know, where we are, we really need to figure out a way to shift our mindset so that we can start to see the things that are going to support us rather than what we might be afraid of.

[00:19:36] And that. EFT does. So it shifts what's called the reticular activating system. So you literally see the things in your reality that are, are in alignment with your highest self. So people talk about this all the time. It's like I decided to have a white car. So then you see white cars everywhere. It's like you're telling your brain to find white cars.

[00:19:55] Right. And so that's why they start showing up there. They've always been there. It's not like all of a [00:20:00] sudden there was a surplus of white cars that came out, you know, and that's what we're doing. We want it, we want our body and brain. If we program it to find how we are good enough, it'll start to see.

[00:20:09] Oh yeah. Suze, Susan, my neighbor said she can't, you know, Thank me enough for the things that I've done. And Karen said that too. And my kids said this, and my husband said that, or whatever, you start to be like, oh, maybe I am doing good enough in this world. You know, maybe I am enough. And then that's how our reality changes.

[00:20:28] And then guess what your nervous system relaxes. And then you start to see how there's this like giving and receiving happening within the world rather than just over-giving all the time. There's a lot of reasons why we do that. And I think the number one reason, and I. I wonder how you feel about this?

[00:20:44] The number one reason why I think people have auto-immunity is because they're energetically sensitive and they have other people's energy in their space and they feel like they have to do the things for that person in order to get them out of their space. They don't realize they're doing that. Th that they're not, they're doing something to get them out of their space, but that's what [00:21:00] they're doing.

[00:21:00] But you can actually remove them from your space without actually having to do the thing. Th they want you to do so. Because we are so energetically sensitive when we're sick people's energy, get in our space and hijack our nervous system and make us feel like we have to put out fires everywhere.

[00:21:15] And we're like, what happened to me? We're like 30 years in. And that's where I was basically, I was 26 at the time, but I was like, I wanted to kill myself. I literally had had enough. I thought I checked all the boxes. You know doing the right things. I was serving the community. I was a good daughter. I was a good friend.

[00:21:34] I was everything. And then I was like, I feel like crap all the time, nothing

[00:21:39] Julie Michelson: left for you. There's

[00:21:40] Amy Stark: no, and I was so sick. I was sick sickest I'd ever been in my whole life. I was always on antibiotics. And and then all of a sudden I was like, I pulled back and I was like, all right, it's either you figure this out or you're not going to make it yet.

[00:21:54] Yeah. And I did, I, I started meditating because of it, because that's when my friend said, you know, why don't you try [00:22:00] meditation? I was like, well, at this point I will try anything. Even though it scared the living daylights out of me to sit down for 15 minutes, I'm like, Amy, that's ridiculous. She played soccer for, for, you know, 20 years.

[00:22:10] I like you can, you, you know, pain, you know, like commitment and things like that. It's not hard. So, but it really was challenging just to get over. Pump. So I would say just for anybody start with seven minutes or five minutes or two minutes, even, it doesn't matter as long as you build.

[00:22:27] Julie Michelson: And it is that hour.

[00:22:28] Ultimately like if that's the target we're going for, you know, could it be two half hour sessions or are you really going for that one hour at a time?

[00:22:37] Amy Stark: For tapping, you're saying, yeah. You know what? I really don't think you have to do an hour. That's just what the research says. So I'm that

[00:22:45] Julie Michelson: person that I'm like, oh, but I want to do that.

[00:22:48] Right.

[00:22:48] Amy Stark: Like using statistics. And that research is amazing.

[00:22:52] Julie Michelson: So when you work with people and their. Starting tapping. How, how long, how often,

[00:22:59] Amy Stark: [00:23:00] how long? I think everybody's starting, starting wherever they're starting. You know, I think because a lot of times, especially with auto-immunity, you're going to have brain fog, right?

[00:23:08] So you might not be able to concentrate for an hour on one particular task, which is tapping on the body and saying things I'm tuning in and it takes a lot. So it, it is just about building up to, let's say an hour of tapping because. Depending on who you are and what you want to accomplish. Right. You can do an hour and you can do two hours or whatever you can do in the morning and the night.

[00:23:32] But what you'll notice, first of all, is one, the more you do it, the easier it becomes, the faster you start to transform. The more you're like, oh, wow. I recognize this program. Yes, let me get rid of this. You know, like I literally, at this point I've done thousands of EFT sessions that if I am going through something in the moment, I usually can say, even though this is happening, I deeply love and accept myself and boom, I can I start yawning the energy.

[00:23:57] I can feel the energy leaving. I can feel I'm [00:24:00] getting the reset. So it's just. A matter of practice, and then you can really start to dive into the things that may be have been plaguing you your whole life, like patterns that you noticed, like you always tracked, let's say a bad boyfriend or husband or whatever.

[00:24:15] Or you don't ever get the job that you really want, or money has always been an issue when you tap. I'm sure you've heard of this. Yeah, you've absolutely heard this. But the issues are in the tissues or the body keeps the score. And this is a way of accessing that information that's stored. So a lot of times, like I said, with auto-immunity, a lot of us have had our fight or flight on for a really long time.

[00:24:36] So we don't even remember the past. So, but our body does. And when we, when we use EFT, we tap on the body and that helps to access that energy, that stored that energy and information. And then it leaves the body. You know, so, and you can rewrite whatever you want and feel a particular way about. So,

[00:24:54] Julie Michelson: and that's what I was thinking about when you were explaining before, you know, we can.

[00:24:59] [00:25:00] Say we're whatever in our head, but we do, we have all this stuff stored in our tissues, stored in ourselves. And, and our body holds that. And so tap is the way to release

[00:25:09] Amy Stark: that. I mean, in the new age community that it's obviously. Topic, when you talk about the law of attraction, but one of the reasons why the law of attraction can be so frustrating for people is because their energy is not matching what they were trying to bring in.

[00:25:25] Right? And so like, if you want that Corvette, but your body says, if I'm in that Corvette, I'm going to be embarrassed. People are going to look at me, I'm going to feel like I'm showboating, blah, blah, blah, whatever the story is. So you can change that within your body, by using EFT or something like that to change how your brain sees the world and any traumas that you might've had that might be stored, they may or may not remember.

[00:25:47] It's just, it is the perfect tool for transforming your life. I think because it is so easily done anywhere at any time. And if you notice in the moment that you're being hijacked, like. With my [00:26:00] mom. And I've done this work for so many years. Like it's not easy to get me hijacked or upset, you know? And, and on the planet with the rest of my, exactly, I'm still a human, I still have a mom that's bad with electronics.

[00:26:11] So yeah, so I, I mean, I use it and then I'm done. Like I literally was from driving from our house to the soccer field and it was 15 minutes and I was already transformed in that time.

[00:26:22] Julie Michelson: Wonderful. Well, I know you said you would, you would take us through a little tapping sequence and give

[00:26:28] Amy Stark: us, so would you mind doing that?

[00:26:31] Sure. So let's see if you're out there and you're listening and you've been diagnosed with something, you can use that because that could be traumatic hearing that you have a certain thing and you didn't want it obviously. You can tap on Just feeling frustrated. So a lot of times when we are sick and we don't know what's wrong with us, there's a lot of trauma that builds up because we're just feel lost.

[00:26:54] We feel unsupported by let's say the medical community. So any one of these [00:27:00] things you can tap on, but for right now, we can do, even though I have this autoimmune disease, Yeah, I keep hearing frustrated. Oh, I hear a lot of frustration coming energy coming in. So if you're frustrated, let's tap on that.

[00:27:16] Love it. So specifically I'll say even the energy for frustration is around the eyes. And so there's an inner eyebrow point on both sides and then there's an outer eyebrow. So if you know, EFT inside and out, then there's some specific points that carry energy and information. So, like I just said, frustration is on the inner eyebrow outer eye right around the corner of the eye.

[00:27:42] You can go there. And that sort of like as a shortcut or a hack to hacking your energy field. So why, why continue to like, you know, mess around? So, so anyway, we'll just go there for right now, let's go to the inner eyebrow and when we're going to tap. Say, oh, by the [00:28:00] way, we want it for some people who are yeah, two fingers you could do because there's many reasons, but there science has shown that people who use their fingers, they're called sword fingers.

[00:28:10] These two together, a lot of light comes out of them, but that's your index

[00:28:14] Julie Michelson: finger and your middle finger for those who can't

[00:28:17] Amy Stark: see it. Yup. But so for those of you who are like a little skeptical or scientific or need some evidence you can say on a scale of zero to 10, how much is this bothering me?

[00:28:26] So you say zero is not at all 10. It's bothering me a lot. I'm already starting to reset. I can feel my body resetting. So we let's say it's a nine. Okay. About your frustration around being diagnosed and not being no fine the diagnosis soon enough. So we'll talk about. So we're going to say, even though I have this diagnosis and misdiagnosis, and it has been very frustrating, very frustrating, annoying causing the anger, anger.

[00:28:59] I [00:29:00] deeply love and accept my. I deeply, I like to take a deep breath in and out before I go to the next spot. So technically, since you seem like a rule follower seven times is what is recommended, but I am totally fine with

[00:29:21] I'm so glad I'm one. I seem like a rule follower. Oh, right. Yeah. So yeah, you could do seven times, but I like to do whatever feels good, you know? And then move on to the next one. So the outside of the eye is the next spot we're going to go to. So I'm gonna say, even though I feel really frustrated.

[00:29:39] I feel like the medical community, let me down. I feel like my doctors let me down. I feel like I let me down. I deeply love and accept myself. Now that's a big one. Take a big deep breath in and out. We're going to go under the eye. So [00:30:00] this is about control. So when we tap on this spot underneath the eye, there's actually a divot there.

[00:30:06] So you tap on there and you can say, even though I feel like my life has been out of control, I feel like I have no control over my body. Ooh. That was a big one. I can feel what people feel in the audience. Even though. When you say that I want again, even though I feel like my body's out of control, it's not my own.

[00:30:31] I deeply love and accept myself. Good. Let's go underneath the nose. Ooh, you're yawning. I love it. So you might find that you're going to start yawning because yawning is releasing unconscious energy and it's your fight or flight response coming off and your parasympathetic coming on. So that's where you rest digest in here.

[00:30:53] Julie Michelson: Yes. I always yawning. And I watering for me when the energy work I'm like, okay. [00:31:00] Yes, this is good. This is working.

[00:31:02] Amy Stark: Good at this point underneath the nose. So it's where the for Nella, I think is what it's called is I was I'm like, I need to remember to say the right word, but I don't know that might be wrong.

[00:31:13] So recently I know, I probably should remember. So anyway, so underneath the nose is where those two lines are. There's a dot or sorry, a point. And when you tap on it, it's helping to connect your mind and your body. So this one is like golden. So if you, if you don't touch on any other points, like if you don't have time just to go there and that's going to help to connect your mind and body, I really love this one.

[00:31:40] Feel it

[00:31:41] Julie Michelson: vibrationally, like really feel it.

[00:31:44] Amy Stark: Yeah, it's really cool. What, when you get to the later stages of being able to tap, there's other things that you can do with that point that I teach, but for now it's just great just to tap on and connect the mind and body. So let's see. [00:32:00] Even though I'm at sea, it seems like it's going down to an eight.

[00:32:02] I just checked in at the number. So if you're out there your body's already starting to respond. The frustration that you once had about the situation is starting to decrease, and that's going to be great for your overall health, because it'll be just one less thing that you are triggered by. So take a deep breath in and out.

[00:32:23] Good. And then we're going to go under the lips. So this point is all about what you did not say or what you wanted to say and didn't

[00:32:33] Julie Michelson: is so directly connected as you were talking about before to auto-immunity. I really do, especially. Yeah. Thyroid.

[00:32:42] Amy Stark: Yeah. Yep. And a lot of this has to do with the self-talk that we have.

[00:32:47] So that's one of the reasons why I think it's, you're, you're, you're chronically ill meditation is really great because you find out what the thoughts are that are going through your head. You can start to eliminate those, but also by tapping, we're going to [00:33:00] release some of the stored trauma self-inflicted really and also what we wanted to say to other people.

[00:33:05] So like, you know, for instance, As women tend to not want to let people down. So we say yes, when we really mean no, right. Or we people don't show up and we're mad, right. Because for us, and we're like, you know, I showed up for them when they were sick or I took them to blah, blah, blah. And they're, they're not showing up.

[00:33:22] So this is all I can feel in my jaw. Like feeling funny. If from all of the energy that gets stored in there, because you didn't say it and you wanted it to, so again, your body keeps the score. It keeps track of all that energy. So it's important to release it. So we're going to move down to K 27. So it's on both sides of our chest up by our clavicle bone.

[00:33:45] And these I'm going to send, I guess, you're going to post the link for where they can get a picture of this diagram. Link will be in the show

[00:33:52] Julie Michelson: notes.

[00:33:54] Amy Stark: And you start transformation slash EFT. That's where you can get a great little visual. So so there's [00:34:00] two points there. It might be sore and you can either double tap or like with one two hands or make us see and do one, you know, easy tap.

[00:34:09] It just depends on what you prefer. And we're going to say so by the way, this is about fear. So kidney Meridian. Fear. So I fear that I'll never get better. Right. That's something that we all go through when we're sick, right? Oh my gosh. How long is this going to last? Like, am I going to ever feel better?

[00:34:23] Am I going to feel like me? So even though how many of us are told,

[00:34:27] Julie Michelson: we will never get better if you receive a diagnosis.

[00:34:31] Amy Stark: Absolutely. Yeah. I improve that. That is not true twice at last. That's why we're here. Yeah. Yeah. So even though I fear that I may never get better. It's too hard. It's too complicated.

[00:34:49] The doctors say I won't, I deeply love and accept myself. Ooh. Do you feel that grief? There's a big weight that I just felt on my chest. So we're gonna, we're going to go to the next spot, which is, I like to tap [00:35:00] it's where your thymus is, but it's the center of your. So basically where you think that your heart is, but it's not actually.

[00:35:07] So we're going to tap right in the center. We're going to say, even though I feel all this grief around not knowing and maybe all the things I've missed out on already because of it. I deeply love and accept myself. So again, take a deep breath in and out and we'll go to the next point. And so this one, if you can reach across your chest and tap then great.

[00:35:31] You can do that. But if you can't the points are located where a broad line would be or a hands with down. If you're a. And it's on the left and the right side. So you might find them because they might be sore, but they're on the sides of your body. And this is where worry and anger are stored.

[00:35:49] So whatever you're worried about. So I'm worried that I'm gonna miss my son's sixth birthday because I can't get out of bed, you know, whatever it might be. Worried that. [00:36:00] I won't be able to finish school, something like that, if that's what you're doing. So even though I have all this worry, I deeply love and accept myself.

[00:36:16] I just felt like a washed down my back. I'm super sensitive. So there's another point. So it's on the underneath the pinky and you could do either hand, so. Just slightly on the fatty part below the where the pinky meets the hand. So it's just right there. You'll probably be able to sense it or find it.

[00:36:39] But we can talk about our heartbreak or grief around this. Maybe you have lost friends because of this. Maybe you feel lost. Maybe you feel like I couldn't accomplish the things that I wanted to accomplish because of this autoimmune disease. So just take a look at that grief that you might be carrying, take another deep breath in and out.[00:37:00]

[00:37:02] So we're going to check in with our number. So it's, we're down at a seven slash six. So we're going to go up to the top of that. And this is a spot that I don't know about you guys, but I get sometimes headaches right here. So there's a, there's a point right up there and it's where a lot of emotion can get stuck.

[00:37:21] So by tapping on it, you're actually helping to access that energy and to push it out. So we're going to say, even though I feel really overwhelmed with. Everything I'm going through how I'm going to be able to take care of my kids, how I'm going to be able to put food on the table, how I'm going to sleep tonight, you know, whatever it may be that you're going through that has to do with this diagnosis that you've received.

[00:37:45] You want to talk about how you might be feeling overwhelmed or emotional. So take a deep breath in and out, even though I will drop it a lot. I'm feeling overwhelmed and emotional. I deeply love and accept my. [00:38:00] Take another deep breath in and out. So I just saw there that the number one from, I guess it was a six, seven down to a three, four.

[00:38:12] So what you do is you just keep tuning into the body and seeing where you feel. This energy or maybe you feel, oh, I feel that on my shoulders, you can call it out because that helps to really release it and give you more information about where you carry your stress. So especially like when we felt that I felt that grief on the chest about.

[00:38:32] Oh, was it overall? I don't even remember now. But you know, when you feel those things like, oh, my chest feels like it's getting tight or heavy. You can call that out and it helps to release it. And so that you don't keep carrying it there because it is sitting there. So EFT is great for helping you to release all that stuff that was in there.

[00:38:50] And. And reset how you feel about it. So you might be like, you know what, I have this diagnosis, but that's okay. I have, [00:39:00] so-and-so helping me. I have a program that I'm working on. I can show up each day. I can do the best that I can. You start to see the truth of what is really happening versus this maybe overwhelm or this feeling of helplessness or.

[00:39:15] That you've been disappointed. You don't, you don't want to really stay focused on that stuff. You want to feel empowered. So we, it really helps you to switch from feeling like a victim of your circumstances, to feeling empowered, which is really everything. When it comes to life, you want to feel empowered to create the life and the health that you want.

[00:39:33] Julie Michelson: Wow. And, and yes, that's what it's all about is feeling empowered because as you know, and I know you're not, you, aren't your diagnosis. You aren't your illness. You don't have to be stuck there. The body is remarkable. It can heal. It's designed to heal. And tapping is. Such a, we talked about hacks, you know, it is such a hack to getting that body to that [00:40:00] place where things can move out and it can heal.

[00:40:02] So I'm so grateful that you shared that exercise with us.

[00:40:07] Amy Stark: Yeah, you're welcome. It's actually the people out there. And even you, if you tune in now, just because we were talking, the body is still resetting and I can feel the numbers still going down to a two, and then it's going down to almost a zero. So.

[00:40:21] That's what you want. You just want to reset your nervous system and then let the body do what it needs to do to heal. That's really.

[00:40:30] Julie Michelson: So we can't heal when we're in that sympathetic state, that most of us are in all the time and especially, you know, people struggling with

[00:40:39] Amy Stark: their health. So

[00:40:42] Julie Michelson: such an amazing, amazing tool.

[00:40:46] I'm guessing this already is the answer to the question, but I always ask my guests, you know, what ones that people can start taking today to reclaim their health.

[00:40:59] Amy Stark: I would [00:41:00] say, being in the parasympathetic nervous system, I'll tell you why, because we have tools to get there. Right? We could meditate. We could do EFT.

[00:41:09] We could watch a funny movie. We could get a hug from somebody. All those things are going to help. I mean, as long as you like that person all these things are going to put you in the parasympathetic nervous system. And when you're in the parasympathetic nervous system, That is your chance to rest, digest and heal.

[00:41:24] And I think a lot of people who are on this healing journey, they try a lot of different things and maybe they don't work out and then they think there's something wrong with them. Or they think that they didn't do it right or something. But I, the reason why I am so passionate about teaching people to get into this parasympathetic nervous system is because everything else you do is impacted.

[00:41:46] So you are able, when you buy the really fancy supplements and you take them, your body can receive. If you're in, yeah. They work, your body can assimilate the nutrients. You know, same thing. If you do an organic diet and then your body can actually [00:42:00] get the benefits from that. And, and it just expands to everywhere else.

[00:42:03] You start to see the world differently, and then you start to realize the truth and you start to feel more connected with people. And that's why we're here. When we have autoimmune disease. Generally speaking, I see a lot of people will retreat into their homes because of this whole being sensitive to other people's energy and we are here to connect.

[00:42:23] And so that actually makes the situation worse. What we, all we need to do is just learn how to clear our energy. Yeah. A stronger, energetic field. And then we can be around other people and not feel like we need to fix their problems or do the things that they need to have done. We can focus on ourselves and just to become a stronger, energetic version of ourselves than then we can choose.

[00:42:45] To do the things. It's not like we're going to all of a sudden become these selfish people we are designed to be giving back. Right. So it'll just have a different feel to it. It's like a feeling of, I want to do this because I can, I have the energy for it rather [00:43:00] than giving out of resentment, which then spirals.

[00:43:03] And MPS our cup.

[00:43:05] Julie Michelson: So, and getting into that parasympathetic state is where we fill the cup as well. We could have a whole nother hour

[00:43:13] Amy Stark: forever, all

[00:43:15] Julie Michelson: the things that can happen and heal and improve in the parasympathetic state, but it isn't, it's a completely necessary for healing. And so I'm really grateful.

[00:43:22] You shared the tapping technique with us today, because as you said, whether it's meditation tapping or any other. Way you access that state. Like that's the key I always say to people, it's the thing you'll do. Right.

[00:43:37] Amy Stark: Like whatever it is.

[00:43:39] Julie Michelson: Yeah. You know, and I'm a big fan of hugging. My, a lot of my clients get, you know, comedy for homework.

[00:43:47] Like we have to get into this state. I know. And they think it's, they're like really your health coach. Do you want me to watch Netflix? And I'm like, yeah, if you're laughing,

[00:43:57] Amy Stark: There's so much research behind it. And, and just because [00:44:00] it's so simple, we kind of discredit it, but it's, it does work. There's lots of evidence that it does.

[00:44:07] Julie Michelson: Thank you so much. Not only for being here, but for sharing that exercise with us. I know we mentioned the, the links will be in the show notes as well, but where can people find you and find out more about

[00:44:18] Amy Stark: you as well? Sure. I also have. So I have the stark transformation show and people can find out more about me there.

[00:44:27] And oh, thank you. I interviewed actually I was, I interviewed you though. You were honest. So I interview people about their transformation because it's the start transformation show, but we also talk about tools and tips of how in mindsets of how to handle life. And and then also I have a website it's called stark

[00:44:45] And you can find me on social media, under stark transformation. Everything's all under start transformation, really. So that's

[00:44:53] Julie Michelson: all of it in the notes as well. Thank you so very much.

[00:44:56] Amy Stark: And just

[00:44:58] Julie Michelson: so excited to [00:45:00] watch your son grow Jew. He's going to be the most incredible human because he has really life

[00:45:07] Amy Stark: it's it's.

[00:45:08] Yeah. We talk about energy and he knows about it and he knows that I do the podcasts and he knows that I help people to hear. So that's pretty fun to give. So thank you

[00:45:17] Julie Michelson: for sharing the gift with us.

[00:45:19] Amy Stark: You're welcome. My pleasure.


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