Episode 38
Tatiana Tsoir:

I Did it! And So Can You!

In this episode we talk about how having a functional medicine health care team with physician and health coach has empowered Tatiana to reclaim her best health and make lasting lifestyle changes that will continue to benefit her entire family. If you think change seems to hard...or think you are stuck with your symptoms, this episode is for you!
First Aired on: Jun 6, 2022
Episode 38
Tatiana Tsoir:

I Did it! And So Can You!

In this episode we talk about how having a functional medicine health care team with physician and health coach has empowered Tatiana to reclaim her best health and make lasting lifestyle changes that will continue to benefit her entire family. If you think change seems to hard...or think you are stuck with your symptoms, this episode is for you!
First Aired on: Jun 6, 2022
In this episode:
In today's episode, Tatiana shares her journey working with me as she went from skeptical and resistant to in control of her psoriasis and lighter than she has been in years (in more ways than one).

We discuss the reality of lifestyle change and how what once seemed impossible, with support, becomes an every day reality.

Tatiana candidly shares her insights into how functional medicine has empowered her to reverse her inflammation and her Hashimoto's Thyroiditis before it ever became a problem for her.

The ripple effect is real!  Taking charge of your health will positively impact those around you as well.

As a CPA and money expert who works with entrepreneurs and business owners, Tatiana now has the experience of ease and joy, instead of pushing...and accomplishes more than ever, while enjoying time with her family.

From sleep to stress management and food to exercise...the support of a healthcare team has allowed Tatiana to find better health than she once imagined possible.

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Episode Transcript
[00:00:00] Julie Michelson: Welcome back to the inspired living with auto-immunity podcast. I'm your host, Julie Michaelson. And today we're changing things up a bit. I'm joined by Tatiana. Tatiana is a numbers expert. With over 15 years of experience, helping entrepreneurs and business owners become the boss of their bottom line.

[00:00:55] She isn't here to talk about accounting. She's here to share a bit of her [00:01:00] healing journey with us to inspire and empower listeners, to take responsibility for their. She shares how she went from resistant and skeptical to an inspiration for all who know her, to Uplevel their health. I'm so excited to have her on the show.

[00:01:16] Tatiana welcome to the podcast.

[00:01:19] Tatiana Tsoir: Thanks so much, Julie. It's so awesome to be here.

[00:01:22] Julie Michelson: I'm so excited for this because this is, well, I'm always happy to talk with you. But I think that this is going to add so much value for listeners because this is a little twist. You are the inspired and the inspired living. So that is my goal for our conversation.

[00:01:40] Tatiana Tsoir: awesome. I'm happy to, happy to share with.

[00:01:44] Julie Michelson: Awesome. Which was exactly where I want to start is how, how you got here and how you got here. Meaning I guess how you got to me how you decided to work on your health journey, you know, where were you, what were you [00:02:00] experiencing and how are you now?

[00:02:04] Tatiana Tsoir: So I think I got to you through a mutual event that we pay to be a part of. And then it kind of got postponed for about two years. And it was great to connect to you because that. I guess community of people is really very respectful and really supportive and things like that. And so before I kind of got to know you and met you I was very skeptical about just coaches in general.

[00:02:30] But also health coaches specifically, because I thought like what's the point of a, of a health coach and right. And I think that a lot of people have the same limit, not limit limiting beliefs, I guess is the right right expression. Because I've already worked with a business coach before I've worked with actually a couple of them before I thought, okay, you know what?

[00:02:50] I really like what was happening with me, didn't bother me enough to really start taking care of it. And I didn't think that honestly, [00:03:00] I would have results which is, I guess, typical for for people, for many people you know, just like therapy is something that I was that someone who's from a post Soviet union society doesn't think.

[00:03:14] Can help or is actually meaningful or valuable. Similarly health coaching is kind of in the same bucket. Like if, if you're using someone who is, you know, if you're using a therapist or a health coach, like there's something wrong with you kind of thing. So definitely you had to, had to kind of get through that.

[00:03:33] You know, I've had psoriasis since I was 10. And I think that's about the time that my sister was born. So it's just, it's probably harmful that I, that I got psoriasis, just kidding. But I think that, you know, probably stress related to this, you know, to this affected me probably more than I knew.

[00:03:52] Cause I don't remember being. Treated differently or anything like that, but maybe just subconsciously somewhere affected me. [00:04:00] And that's kind of when it started in my head. And so when it's on your head, it's not really seen. And so it doesn't really prompt any attention, any attention or action. And so like I've lived with it for many years and did it didn't didn't really bother me as much.

[00:04:17] When I had, I got pregnant with my second child. That's when I started noticing things on my face and there were kind of around kind of going into in the, in the circular kind of pattern on my forehead, on my like cheek coming down to the, you know, to the chin. I used to use cortisone creams, so just a little bit of a steroid to kind of get that under control.

[00:04:42] But I also noticed that, and this was my kind of first experience where I've noticed that as I was eating. Like my sister was actually living with us at the time and she was, she's wearing a really great cook, but she cooks the traditional kitchen where you know, traditional cuisine, I guess, where we cook [00:05:00] with whatever we're used to.

[00:05:01] So she wasn't paying too much attention to any sort of gluten or no gluten or corn or anything like that. I noticed that there was a certain dish that I really liked, which was it's really tasty. I noticed that the next day I would have. Really more inflamed breakouts I guess red breakouts. Cause I didn't think about inflammation at the time.

[00:05:23] And again, I thought that this was just it and you know, people would say a client of mine who has psoriasis would tell me, oh, you know, I also have psoriasis. I just go to the doctor, I'd give him the shot and it disappears. And I knew that I didn't want like the easy pill solution type. I wanted some, but at the same time, I wasn't motivated enough to to really do something about it.

[00:05:47] And in this community of people the unfair advantage community, there were a couple of health coaches and you were the one who reached out first to see if we could work together in. The accounting capacity. [00:06:00] And so kind of learning more about you as a coach and your product and meaning that the products that you work on, then you offer gave me sort of an insight.

[00:06:09] And even then, you know, we talked about me working with you and I kind of pushed it up, pushed it out, push it out, push it out because I didn't think that.

[00:06:19] Julie Michelson: skeptical.

[00:06:21] Tatiana Tsoir: I didn't think that it actually would work. I didn't think that it's something, you know, it kind of feels like when you get some sort of a diagnosis, whether it's, you know, an autoimmune or diabetes or something else you kind of accepted and learn to live with it as opposed to, oh, there's something I can do about it.

[00:06:38] So I think that that's kind of, because I'm not a doctor, even though I kind of feel that I'm sort of tangentially connected to medicine because both of my parents were doctors. I still feel that it's certainly certainly been skeptical moment because even though it shouldn't be this way because my mom was a doctor.

[00:06:56] She saw that people want a pill instead of being healthy [00:07:00] and she just quit and, you know, got into acupuncture and other alternative medicine stuff that where she could help people, but actually they actually need to be, to want to be healthy first. So it's very weird that I wasn't sort of on the same page with her, but again, I'm not a doctor.

[00:07:21] I was skeptical. I think it took us, I think we started working together in like may of 2020 or so may or June. And I think we started working together as you being my coach and like October. So it took me, or maybe September, it took me a few months to sort of be like, okay, let's, let's see what this is about.

[00:07:42] Julie Michelson: Yeah, and I commend you because so many, this is exactly why I do the podcast. You know, everybody that knows my story knows when I was diagnosed, I was told nothing you could do, but take the pills, the infusions, the shot, the whatever, fill in the blank. And it is what it is. [00:08:00] And that's kind of where you were like, I just, I have.

[00:08:04] I've I've had it since I was 10. I love how you threw your sister under the bus a second time, by the way was saying she cooked you delicious food that might not have been so good for your health. But so it really, it was a process for you to, and I'm always telling you I'm so honored the trust you've given me.

[00:08:24] And then. You were skeptical, but you were like, I'll try it. I will try it. And one of the reasons I wanted you to share your experience is you did it. You're doing it. Anybody can do it. And even when we don't think we can. And that, that is the beauty of having somebody like a health coach. Support you and, and, you know, step-by-step because it can be overwhelming.

[00:08:52] It really can be. So you have taken the overwhelm out of business [00:09:00] for me. I was that person who I love coaching. I love my job. I love my clients and I. Didn't want to look at numbers. I would look at numbers probably like way too many people when I had to write when it was time to get stuff to the accountant for taxes or re you know, and, and. didn't thoroughly, not probably didn't thoroughly understand them anyway. You know, as far as how I can use the knowledge of the numbers to my benefit, to grow the business and continue to expand and grow. And I look at it kind of the same way, you know, we, we did all these labs on you and that was really helpful because you're already used to.

[00:09:48] You know, interpreting the data and, and, you know, like, okay, now we can do something with this. And I will say even when that data came back, [00:10:00] There was still a few were fearful of like, well, that sounds too hard. Like, and I don't, I don't want to give up my cream in my coffee. I don't want to give can I ju I mean the amount of negotiating, but I at least, I always say you have made me a gentler coach because.

[00:10:19] I look at you now. And I'm, if somebody had asked me when we first started working together, like, is she going to stick with this and really do it? I would have said no way. And I it's, so it's one of the things that makes me so excited is that who am I to, like, I have no idea who can do what right. And we can all do this.

[00:10:39] And you have, it's been remarkable. Just watching you step by step by step. I said to you before we hit record, you know, do you realize that all those things you said you could never do, you know, as far as the changes you were making, you've already done it. Like you do it now and I'm like, how's it going?

[00:10:57] You're like, it's easy. It's not that big a [00:11:00] deal.

[00:11:01] Tatiana Tsoir: You know, it takes, it took some time. And I think that from, for analytical people like me it's really important. I understand the reason behind it. For me, it was always the case since I was a kid. If my mom said, oh, you have to do this or that, I would say, I would need a reason for, for that. And then I'll be like, oh, okay, I'll do it.

[00:11:23] Or I won't do it.

[00:11:25] Julie Michelson: Yeah, well, and that connecting the dots is, is so important. And I, you know, I told you in the beginning when we were doing your elimination diet at first, like bear with me because. You're going to find out for yourself, what foods are triggering the psoriasis, what foods are driving inflammation. Because as wonderful as I am, just because Julie said, so isn't going to create lifelong change.

[00:11:53] And now it, it puts you in the driver's seat and you, you have the power to decide.

[00:11:59] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah. And you [00:12:00] know, for me, what was, for me, elimination diet, wasn't really working in a sense that it took two way too long to to figure things out. And because I was the only one who was doing it in the family, it was also because you cook something for people, for other people that is tasty. And then you're like, okay I'm eating this and everybody's like, oh yeah, cool.

[00:12:22] You know, whatever, without even having tried it, which is the most frustrating part. And so you kind of feel alone in that. So for me,

[00:12:31] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:12:32] Tatiana Tsoir: exactly. And so for me, elimination, diet didn't work as well because I would always cheat with something else.

[00:12:38] Julie Michelson: Yes, you would, but you bring up such a good point because there are two approaches. And it, you had, it was a particularly. Challenging time you had multi-generations in the family. And so mom would cook and hubby would cook and the kids would, you know, I have seen time and [00:13:00] time again, when somebody says I'm not going to double cook or triple cook.

[00:13:04] And the kids actually do eat the food instead of just look at it and it doesn't look like what they're used to it, it works, but, but the support, and that was a huge shift for you because all of a sudden. Your husband got into wellness and, and actually he found Dave Asprey and Bulletproof, which was my gate with my gateway into functional medicine.

[00:13:29] And it just created such a shift. It was like all of a sudden. You guys are eating amazing, healthy food, and you're not thinking about, well, his dinner looks so much better than mine and you know, he was always supportive of you in theory, but it became like an action. And, and it made life so easy for you.

[00:13:50] Tatiana Tsoir: It made it doable. So coffee was a big thing. So I'm coming kind of coming back to the elimination diets. I found that for me specifically, just doing the [00:14:00] sensitivities tests right off the bat would be better. I still did, did it just like maybe a month or two later. And a lot of the things I had suspicions about already, but some of the things I completely didn't realize that I was eating and it was highly inflammatory for me.

[00:14:14] So just eliminating some of those things like apples and carrots and Turkey and a couple of other things. Already made a huge difference. And so when you know, that, that, that's that thing that you're eating is causing you your body to swell and get inflamed. It's really powerful. You know, now our next step is sleep, but you know, we can talk about the sun a little bit.

[00:14:36] Julie Michelson: Which is still way better than it used to be.

[00:14:39] Tatiana Tsoir: for sure, for sure, but it's again with the power of data. When you see, oh, this is what really inflames you. And this is what's causing a lot of it. You start thinking, do I really want to eat it or not

[00:14:53] Julie Michelson: Right. And, and sometimes the answer is yes. Like sometimes it's like, yes, this is worth it. And you know, I don't have [00:15:00] to be on camera tomorrow, so it's fine. And then often the answer is, is no. And, and that's the power, like that's the. Do you, where I used to call you the sauce queen, because you, you would be like, it would be all be going so well.

[00:15:16] And then you're like, oh, I had a flare, like, what'd you have, I don't know. I had some sauce, like, so but now, you know, like, okay, I can have sauce if it's made of X or, you know, it would be like, oh, well I, you know, have a deposit in the bank account. I have no idea how much it is, but it's there, you know, so really getting under.

[00:15:41] And thank you for mentioning like the, the importance of the food sensitivity test. We've done episodes just on that before. And I, we, I do them right off the bat now for everybody, because it wants to, we all want results. It's watching you. [00:16:00] So for me back to labs and data, I am a data geek, just not, it's just different data, but then you are one of the most exciting things for me to track, because this is, you know, I love the fact that you now are in charge of your psoriasis, right?

[00:16:20] It's not in charge of you. But I also. And I checked before we hit record. So I know you're okay with me sharing. When we did your first full functional panel, I saw that you had elevated thyroid antibodies and to watch those numbers reversed, this is what this is all about is reversing things. Now, when you didn't have any.

[00:16:44] Symptoms of Hashimoto's yet you had what we would call subclinical as far as, you know, if you walked into a regular doctor's office, they'd be like, you're fine. Oh no, you're fine. And now. Can stay fine. Like now you don't have your you're complete, [00:17:00] you're turning that around completely. And we've gotten to dig deeper and figure out, okay, well what triggered that?

[00:17:05] And now we know, because we, we did more panels and more testing, and now we're going after that stuff so that we just eliminate the problems altogether. But that is the, you know, anybody can do it. It just, it does take time. It takes support. It takes the right kind of tests to really look under the right rocks to see what's really going on.

[00:17:29] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah. And honestly, there isn't a, I don't know if it's Buddhist cause you know, these quotes, sometimes don't don't get us attributed to the right person. But there was a quote. And I, again don't know who it is, but it says, knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment. And I think that it's a political, not only when he comes to new.

[00:17:50] Soul. But also when it comes to your health as well, understanding kind of what really triggers you and paying attention to not silencing the signals that the body [00:18:00] sends you, but actually listening to them, I think is for me, is a big lesson, you know, in this, in this, in our relationship and working together over these years,

[00:18:09] Julie Michelson: I love that. It's amazing watching you first take charge of your health. What, what people don't realize when they start working with me or any help, like when you hire a. Go down this road, it's often the first step in prioritizing yourself. And had I said that to you back then, you would have looked at me like I was crazy because you're like, I've got these businesses and I, you know, I'm, I'm in charge of me.

[00:18:36] But you were pushing, you were like, were, you know, you were getting it all done. But you were working weekends. You were, it just it's there's. This amazing. Beautiful. And this is part of the healing, you know, you've reduced that chronic stress, you're still extremely productive, probably more productive than you were two years ago.

[00:18:59] [00:19:00] It was for those of you that don't know Tatyana, this woman is always taken on a new project. It's amazing. But you're spending weekends with the family and spending summer days with the kids and, you know, really. Reducing that chronic stress and that pushing and you're allowing the ease and it's the same in your body.

[00:19:20] It's the, but it has, it does ripple out. And the example that you're setting for your kids is, and one of the reasons I wanted to have you on is because everybody, everywhere you go, people want to know what you're doing. And so I thought, well, let's tell the world what she's doing.

[00:19:38] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah, it's nice. I get a lot of sort of messages from Instagram people. Who've known me for a few years and they say, what's your secret? Like what what are you doing that we don't know about? What's the diet and it's not really a diet. And when people ask me, yes, I do drink Bulletproof coffee which I had to get used to, but now I don't really feel the difference between [00:20:00] that and a coffee with cream.

[00:20:02] Tried meaning like a try to to drink the cream with coffee. And I don't see a difference. Like to me it tastes just as good.

[00:20:09] Julie Michelson: Was a process to, for everybody listening. That was one of your. Sticking points in the beginning where you were like, no way I can't do that. Like that's ridiculous. And so it is, it's a, it's a process sometimes. When you make a certain change that gives you a little bit of improvement that gives you the drive to then try the next thing an up level.

[00:20:39] So it wasn't like, okay. You know, you went to bed one night and woke up the next morning and completely changed everything right now.

[00:20:46] Tatiana Tsoir: It took a, it took a while. And I've had some setbacks when I went through this intermittent fasting kind of boosted by Bulletproof coffee. It wasn't incremental change every day. It was half a [00:21:00] pound to a pound every day. Extra weight, extra, I guess, fat that I was losing, then, you know, I had a little bit of a, an allergy allergic reaction, so that set me back and plus the holidays sent me back a bit, but.

[00:21:14] Still, you know, in four months, my photo shoot was about two months, well, a month and a half ago, I guess. And for the photo shoot, I lost about since October 11th, which is when I started fully on this anti inflammatory diets. And and then et cetera, I lost 32 pounds, but it's not just, you know, the weight which was easy because I wasn't doing anything, anything special.

[00:21:37] I wasn't feeling hungry because the coffee to cure. But it's the, the way I feel

[00:21:43] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:21:44] Tatiana Tsoir: I don't get mood swings. I don't I feel the best. I felt as an adult right now. And that's pretty powerful. I

[00:21:53] Julie Michelson: That's amazing. And that's how it should be. And those stories of, you know, the, [00:22:00] oh, well you're a mom now, or you're getting older, although you're so young. But their, their stories, you know, I joke all the time, you know, I think you, maybe you get it a little bit better when I'm like I'm 53 and I feel so much better than I.

[00:22:14] In my forties and it might've been a granted. I was really sick in my thirties and early forties. But there's no reason why we have to decline. I had said, and I don't know if it was actually for my podcast or somebody else's. I had made the comment, it just kind of flew out of my mouth. I want to live young until I'm done. And then I'm like, oh, I like that. I'm going to writing that one down. And that's, that's what I see with you. You're you just exude health and wellbeing and life, and it's fun. And you for listeners, you know, Tatiana travels, she traveled internationally recently. And she is just like, yeah, it's, it's no big deal.

[00:22:59] It's fine. [00:23:00] I got this.

[00:23:02] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah. It's, it's very cool to feel this, to have this feeling of I'm in charge. Would you know, you, you kind of wait, when it comes to your health and actually pretty much anything in life. That's. It's very hard to control a lot of things, which I, which doesn't stop me from trying, but but I really it's with, with my health now.

[00:23:23] And again, my husband has played a big, big role in that, because if he made it easier for me to not slip up or trip up or whatever the expression is and really stick to it and really not cheat because we removed. Cheap food from the house. Pretty much we still, like, the kids still drink milk sometimes.

[00:23:43] Very rarely. They still eat like fruits and stuff when they want to.

[00:23:47] Julie Michelson: They should.

[00:23:48] Tatiana Tsoir: right. And so we don't wait, but we don't buy bread. For example, we don't buy sour cream and things like that. Like things that really. That are really critical to start and to give them a good [00:24:00] habit. So my husband has really supported me in a big way and made it easier for me to really take charge of my health.

[00:24:06] And now I'm at a point where even if he stopped supporting me, which he will not because he has his own reason for being healthy.

[00:24:14] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:24:15] Tatiana Tsoir: Even if he'd just start where to stop, I would still have enough strength and knowledge to move forward and to keep doing what I'm doing.

[00:24:24] Julie Michelson: Which is amazing. And the flip side of that is. I when we were first working together and there was all this multiple cooking going on and you were feeling like, you know, you couldn't eat anything. I was like, please, could you talk your husband into doing it with you for him? Because I wanted him. To be as healthy as I knew we were going to get you.

[00:24:49] And so, you know, he, he stepped up for you, but what a gift for his health as well. Like, I love that he's eating the way [00:25:00] he's eating now. And, and again, the kids and that's the evolution. I, so many parents eventually get to that point and they're like, wait a minute. Why am I feeding this to my kids? If it's not good enough for me to eat, right?

[00:25:15] Like if, if I now have changed my mindset around food but I cannot stress enough. The, your willingness to just take one step. And like you said, there, there's no smooth. Path like there's going to be setbacks, whether it's weight stops coming off or psoriasis flares in the beginning. And we had no idea why the, you know, again, to getting you to buy into like that the stress chronic stress really is driving inflammation.

[00:25:46] That's a really hard one for a lot of people, especially if they don't feel stressed. You know, and then I ask about, no, you did not. And, but I'm like, oh my gosh. But like just listening to everything you've taken on, stresses me. And [00:26:00] it's, it's very, you are typical of my clients. My clients mostly are entrepreneurs or, you know, really purpose-driven people who.

[00:26:13] Take on a lot. Yeah, you push, but now you don't have to push. Now. You just can handle more because you're giving your body and your mind, you know, this, this support that it needs by hitting all of those areas. So I, I love it.

[00:26:32] Tatiana Tsoir: I, I wanted to share something that could be useful for your audience, if you're okay with that. I, you know, I was sort of, you know, having grown up in the family of doctors, I was always. Questioning not questioning, but I guess what's the expression double checking or I guess double checking is the, is the right word.

[00:26:54] What the doctors would tell me in, and I w you know, I think it's. [00:27:00] Like, I'll give you an example of the, your listeners, an example too. Like my dad was a doctor and so he, as soon as he got diagnosed with cancer, he knew that he would have, he would need to eliminate. Carbs because carbs burn of sugar and cancer grows on sugar dairy because it has lactose.

[00:27:14] It also is sugar. And fruits because it's, even though it's natural sugar, still sugar. And so he did all of that immediately. And because of that, he lived here, he outlived his life expectancy with his stage of cancer, like double he doubled it. So it was initially 30 months. He lived about six and a half years.

[00:27:33] And so I think. And in, in the U S because he was a Soviet trained doctor in the U S the doctor, the oncologist that works with you typically doesn't tell you, oh, you got diagnosed with cancer. You should really eliminate the diet. They, and I've asked why a number of times. And and the doctor would say, well, it's not my job.

[00:27:52] It's the dietician's job. So really it's your job as a human being. To ask about it, to, to inquire, [00:28:00] to understand how to help your body to live and work and whatever. And, you know, we all have our primary care providers, which is okay, I guess, you know, they run a one page lab report every year. And according to that lab report, I was completely healthy.

[00:28:16] And they said, well, go to go to the dermatologist with, with your psoriasis and things like that. But I knew that if I go to a dermatologist, they would just prescribe me some medication. They wouldn't really solve the problem. And so my inquiring mind kind of was always on the lookout. And then when we started working together and when I started working with Dr.

[00:28:34] Howard Houghton, I also realized how you know, I had a question. If you have a doctor, why do you need a health coach? Right. But it's actually I would love for you to talk a little bit about it because I think that I, I know the answer to that, meaning that I feel like I know the answer to that because I feel it, I sense it, I just can't necessarily describe it well, but kind of for someone who's who's maybe wonder is the same thing, it would be great to [00:29:00] know why do you need a health coach?

[00:29:01] If you have a doctor or whatever,

[00:29:04] Julie Michelson: Sure. That's it. That's a great question. I say and for, for listeners and actually Dr. Houghton did a podcast episode, I think maybe episode two And partner with him and he's I think I mentioned it even on that podcast. He needs my functional medicine physician as well, has been for years. And we love working together because we get, that's how we get the best results.

[00:29:26] I totally simplify it by saying he's the what? And I'm the. so when we sit down together, as you know, we co-create this care plan of like, okay, we, you know, we go through the labs and yes, at this point I can go through the labs and I know what he's going to say, but I'm not, I'm not, I'm still not a physician.

[00:29:49] And I help you implement that plan. And I it's, it's the how, because like, with the, you mentioned the cooking I work with. [00:30:00] Clients that are men in their sixties, that don't cook that live alone. I work with, you know, busy working moms. I work everybody's lifestyle is different and that's, my job is to help you make it a lifestyle and not this like, okay.

[00:30:16] Bite the bullet and like white knuckle it for a month and eat just right. And that's, that's not the point. And it's how do we incorporate Dr. Houghton spends. An hour with his new patients, you know, many orders labs, then he spends another hour with them. Think of. How much time I've had to kind of glean what your life is like really daily and how we can approach things to actually successfully get them done.

[00:30:49] Even a great functional medicine provider who spends way more time than your primary care, you know, can can't get all that information. At once.[00:31:00] And so that's to me, and it's the same you know, he's, I, now my, my packages include him because what I've found was people would hire me and we'd be working together and we get the labs and I'm like, all right, well, I know you need things that you need a physician for, and I would refer to him.

[00:31:19] And so I always say, you know, working that team approach really gets the best results. And so I don't know if that was how you've experienced it.

[00:31:27] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah. That's, that's exactly how I felt about it because Dr. Hound doesn't tell me, oh, you need to you know, find this sour cream replacement that tastes really good. Doesn't have any bad stuff, attitude with that kind of. And the, but that's what you do. And so when I encounter kind of inflammation or encounter something like a sunburn, for example that increases inflammation.

[00:31:52] My first text is to you because. I because, I mean, the doctor doesn't necessarily want to [00:32:00] deal with all this stuff. And he's, he's skill is better, spent doing more clinical analysis of your results and really treating you as opposed to telling you how to, what cream to put on your skin so that the sunburn goes down kind of thing.

[00:32:14] Julie Michelson: Yeah, well, it's, it's true. And you know, again, it goes back to that the team approach, as far as the way we work in my program. Is pretty unique. Cause it's usually hard to get ahold of the doctor, you know, that often. And so you know, he knows what's going on even between labs, you know, if there's something that needs adjusting and that's just because, you know, knowing when I work with you, there's, there's all this basis.

[00:32:44] Versus if you just, you know, a patient who wasn't working with me, he still tries to be very accessible to his patients, but. You know, if they send an email with a question, well, he doesn't have the backstory, he doesn't have the and, and so, you know, [00:33:00] it's, I know some people think I'm crazy that my clients text me questions at all hours.

[00:33:05] I love it. I it's the way that we get the best results.

[00:33:10] Tatiana Tsoir: I mean, I certainly don't expect answers at all hours,

[00:33:12] Julie Michelson: No, and I don't, you know, you and I always, that's what I tell people, you know, I turned my phone off when I'm sleeping it's on airplane mode. And so, yeah, it's so it's really the health coaches, the partner, like walking the plan with

[00:33:28] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah. Yeah. And it's, it's really nice because you have all the resources and and you've already been through that yourself. And so it's really helpful to like, you've been around. You've already tried different products, different let's say cauliflower pizza or or a sour cream, maybe development and coconut milk, that kind of stuff.

[00:33:45] And so I don't have to spend time looking for it because you already know that. So it's really powerful for me too, because I don't have time to look for, for the stuff.

[00:33:53] Julie Michelson: right. But, and, and that's exactly, you just hit the. Knowing that you'll be more [00:34:00] successful with those substitutes versus the doctor's just going to say avoid dairy.

[00:34:06] Tatiana Tsoir: Right.

[00:34:06] Julie Michelson: So that's the difference. And hopefully what made it, I know it didn't feel easy but easier for you. But, but like I said, you, you are so inspiring to me that I, I wanted you to share because. The whole purpose of the podcast is to inspire people, to take that one step, like do one thing and also to not give up. And so you are, you are that poster child of you know, and now it's fun because now you're, you're hooked now. You're like, You know, what can I improve? And I know that's the best part.

[00:34:44] That's what happened to me is once I got well enough, and then now it's just like, oh, I want better, better, better.

[00:34:52] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah. And so for me, the next step is the monitoring, the sleep and understanding how eating leader or earlier we're [00:35:00] drinking wine, or getting a sunburn. It really affects the body temperature and the sleep and the quality of sleep too. So that's the next level for me to, to kind of get that under control.

[00:35:10] So I'm really excited about that.

[00:35:12] Julie Michelson: I love it. And then, you know, this is a passion point for me. And again, we started at square one, which was like, you needed to get more sleep and now you're tweaking and fine tuning. Cause you're like, no, just like every other area in life I want the best I want, you know, because you're realizing that everything you do is impactful. So while I am so grateful that you were willing to share some of your journey this was so exciting for me because we usually start with, you know, whatever the health care professional is on shares, their little personal journey, which is always inspiring. But to really take the time and have you.

[00:35:55] Just show up genuinely for us and share like, Hey, you know [00:36:00] what? Like these, these are the things I found important. And even though some things used to feel hard now they don't. So I say, Tatiana did it. Y'all can do it as well.

[00:36:12] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah, absolutely. 100%.

[00:36:15] Julie Michelson: For people interested. I know this is a little different, it's not like you have a health program. But for anybody who's like, huh. You know, I, I, I'm a business owner and I want to reduce the overwhelm in my business. Where's a good place for people to check you out. Because I think you're incredible and I love to walk around being the poster child for your service.

[00:36:37] Tatiana Tsoir: Awesome. Awesome. Thank you. And thank you for saying that I live on Instagram on other than though I'm kind of present in all the platforms, thanks to my amazing social media manager, but I really live on Instagram. So if you want to connect and DME absolutely do it. Don't spam because obviously I get a lot of spam, but I just ignore it.

[00:36:57] But either Instagram or my website, Tatyana [00:37:00] sawyer.com or. Those little short card, talk to tatiana.com and takes you to my website and find the resources. I've a lot of free resources that you can download and get started that could really take you to the next level in your business.

[00:37:14] Julie Michelson: I love it. And you have amazing podcasts as well. And all those links will be in the show notes for everybody so they can find you. And again, thank you so much. What, what would, if you, I, cause I ask everybody else. So I have to ask you as well. What would you say is one step that listeners can take today to start to improve their health?

[00:37:37] Like just one thing everybody could do.

[00:37:42] Tatiana Tsoir: For me, I

[00:37:42] Julie Michelson: what she'll pick.

[00:37:45] Tatiana Tsoir: there's a lot of things, but I think that I'm making a decision to take. Responsibility for your own health for me is number one because I tried and I've [00:38:00] tried it. And does it just doesn't work? Unfortunately I tried shifting this responsibility for my health to doctors. I've tried shifting it to my mom.

[00:38:08] Who's a doctor to my dad who was a doctor to my husband, was an engineer. I'm like, you tell me what to do kind of thing. But now knowing some of these basic. Not only know intellectually, but also have tried and on my health and have seemed to, to be true. I took charge of my own health and now. It's that I think that has really turned it around for me.

[00:38:36] Where now it's not even a question now, you know, when someone asks me, oh, you lost so much weight. Right? Are you afraid? I'm afraid that you're going to roll back. And for me, it's not even an option. I don't even think about it because I live in this new state of low inflammation and even inflammation. If inflammation comes up again, It's really easy for me to know exactly what to do or at [00:39:00] least know what to avoid and what to kind of take in.

[00:39:04] And I think that that's really powerful, but that started with my decision of, you know, what there's nobody else who can take charge of my health. Yes, other people help, but it starts with me. And so that was for me, the number one step, I think.

[00:39:16] Julie Michelson: I love that. You just like blew me away. I had no idea what you were going to say. And for those that know me, you know, I have a program called take your power back. That that's what this is all about, but you're right. You have to make that decision first. And then you, you just keep looking for the answers and support and guidance that you need.

[00:39:41] Tatiana Tsoir: Yeah, exactly.

[00:39:42] Julie Michelson: I'm so honored, not only to share in your journey but they were willing to, to share with our listeners your success story. I imagine everybody listening is going to be inspired and encouraged. Then I really appreciate you being here today..

[00:39:58] Tatiana Tsoir: Thanks so much for having [00:40:00] me. It's been a pleasure.

[00:40:01] Julie Michelson: For everyone listening, remember you can get the show notes and transcripts by visiting inspired living.show. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed this episode as much as I did. I'll see you all next week.
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Connect with Tatiana Tsoir
Tatiana Tsoir
Tatiana Tsoir, CPA, is a numbers expert with 15+
years of experience helping entrepreneurs and
business owners become the boss of their bottom
line. So many people dream about being their own
boss but hold themselves back because they’re
terrified of dealing with money, numbers, and taxes,
and Tatiana helps those dreamers get to know their
numbers, get taxes under control and reduce money
anxiety. She is now committed to sharing her
expertise with a broader audience to empower those
overwhelmed by running a business so they can
make money doing what they love!
In her book, Dream Bold, Start Smart (Page Two /
March 2021) as well as her membership program
‘Something That’s Yours’, Tatiana provides her
audience with simple and actionable steps to own
their numbers and to be confident in their business
decisions. Tatiana is the co-host of the popular
podcast ‘Anything Would Work’ and hosts ‘Talk to
Tatiana’. These days, Tatiana conducts virtual
trainings through top digital platforms and helps
individuals around the world gain confidence while
helping them avoid costly money mistakes.
Tatiana Tsoir, CPA, is a numbers expert with 15+
years of experience helping entrepreneurs and
business owners become the boss of their bottom
line. So many people dream about being their own
boss but hold themselves back because they’re
terrified of dealing with money, numbers, and taxes,
and Tatiana helps those dreamers get to know their
numbers, get taxes under control and reduce money
anxiety. She is now committed to sharing her
expertise with a broader audience to empower those
overwhelmed by running a business so they can
make money doing what they love!
In her book, Dream Bold, Start Smart (Page Two /
March 2021) as well as her membership program
‘Something That’s Yours’, Tatiana provides her
audience with simple and actionable steps to own
their numbers and to be confident in their business
decisions. Tatiana is the co-host of the popular
podcast ‘Anything Would Work’ and hosts ‘Talk to
Tatiana’. These days, Tatiana conducts virtual
trainings through top digital platforms and helps
individuals around the world gain confidence while
helping them avoid costly money mistakes.

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