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Brain-Soul Balancing to Heal

Today we are joined by Dr. Louise Swartswalter, who has been helping transform lives for over twenty years using a unique multi-dimensional approach.  She is the founder of the Brain- Soul Success Academy and the creator of the BRAIN system, which she shares with us today.  Today we discuss the importance of continuing your healing journey if you still don’t fully feel like your full self.  Dr. Louise takes us through a brain soul balancing exercise, with me acting as a surrogate.  Our conversation will likely introduce you to new levels of healing that you may not have encountered before.
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Today we are joined by Dr. Louise Swartswalter, who has been helping transform lives for over twenty years using a unique multi-dimensional approach.

She is the founder of the Brain- Soul Success Academy and the creator of the BRAIN system, which she shares with us today.

Today we discuss the importance of continuing your healing journey if you still don’t fully feel like your full self.

Dr. Louise takes us through a brain soul balancing exercise, with me acting as a surrogate.  Our conversation will likely introduce you to new levels of healing that you may not have encountered before.
Our Guest For This Episode
Louise Swartswalter
For over twenty years, Dr. Louise Swartswalter has been helping transform lives individually and in groups using a unique multi- dimensional approach including Naturopathy, biofeedback, trauma release work, NLP, life coaching and energy work.

Louise is the owner and founder of the Brain- Soul Success Academy and the creator of the BRAIN system TM, a five step transformational program serving clients worldwide. She is passionate about connecting, clearing blocks to success and helping others achieve their optimal health and highest potential.

Using a combination of tools Louise has helped people move from anxiety to calm in one session.

Dr. Swartswalter’s unique multi-dimensional approach has helped 45,000 clients the last twenty years reach success in their lives.

Louise finds the things in me no one else finds.

One client told her that one session felt like sixteen years of therapy while another said she saved my life.

Dr. Louise enjoys speaking and teaching globally.

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Episode Transcript
[00:00:00] Julie Michelson: Welcome back to the inspired living with auto-immunity podcast. I'm your host, Julie Michelson. And today we are joined by Dr. Louise Swartswalter who's been helping transform lives for over 20 years using a unique multidimensional approach. She's the founder of the brain soul success academy and the creator of the brain system.

[00:00:58] Today we discussed the [00:01:00] importance of continuing your healing journey if you still don't fully feel like your true self. Dr. Louise takes us through a brain soul balancing exercise with me acting as a surrogate. Our conversation will likely introduce you to new levels of healing that you may not have countered before.

[00:01:20] Dr Louise. Welcome to the podcast. I'm so excited to be with you today.

[00:01:25] Louise Swartswalter: Oh, it's just a joy to be with you, Julie. So thank you so much for having me.

[00:01:29] Julie Michelson: My pleasure. So I love to right away, just let the listeners get to know you. And I know most of us got to this world through our own journey or the journey of somebody close to us.

[00:01:44] So, can you share with us, you know, how did you become the beautiful brain expert?

[00:01:51] Louise Swartswalter: It's absolutely. Well I lost my brain power, so that's how it started. But I was really, really sick. So so for your audience here, you know, I was [00:02:00] diagnosed with so many different auto-immune diseases, if you will.

[00:02:05] They really didn't know. You know, there was like, Hey, it's chronic fatigue. It's fibromyalgia. It's lupus. I mean, they really just didn't know what was wrong with me.

[00:02:13] And so it led me on this whole, this whole path of, of doctor hopping. And what really happened was after my son was born, I have two kids. He's the youngest. I really crashed. Looking back, I probably had a whole lot of hormone things going, going on and no one picked it up.

[00:02:29] No one figured it out. And I ended up with panic attacks and depression and all kinds of things. And a dentist said to me, let's take your mercury fillings to out. You'll feel better. And I had 14 mercury fillings. So I'm a 1950s baby. I grew up on sugar and my mom cooked really well, but we did eat a lot of sugar and she had terrible teeth.

[00:02:51] I think I inherited them. So, you know, 14 mercury fillings. He convinced me that getting those out would help my health.

[00:02:57] Julie Michelson: Mm.

[00:02:58] Louise Swartswalter: But we did it all in one day. [00:03:00] So I was already sick. I already had kind of fatigue. I was sleeping at three o'clock in the afternoon, every day, two kids at home that I was raising. And after those mercury fillings were taken out, I literally crashed.

[00:03:14] Like crashed. I was sensitive to electricity. I was sensitive to all foods. I was sensitive to my gas, heat. I was sensitive to everything in the world. And I ended up on an oxygen tank for about three years. So I had this big tank in my den and I could like take the cord into the kitchen. And so it was awful when I looked back, I don't even know how I survived the time, but it did lead me on this journey of having to heal my And at that time, this was around 1983. I did not know anything else other than I'm not feeling good and I got to get better. And so I ended up in the whole natural world. Great chiropractors, acupuncturists you know, I use different sort of dermatron kind of machines. I mean, I would do anything at that time.

[00:03:59] Julie Michelson: Sure.

[00:03:59] Louise Swartswalter: You [00:04:00] know, I changed my diet. I found my like either, you know, doctor who helped me change my diet and put me on a lot of really powerful supplements. And I started to get a little better in my brain started healing, but it was definitely a long journey. And on that journey, I realized just changing my diet wasn't enough. And I kept seeking. It's like took so long. I was like, okay, I guess I got to do something else. I still don't feel like me.

[00:04:27] So, if you've said that to yourself, I don't feel like myself now you're in the right place. Listening here to Julie and her hair, beautiful podcast has, this is so important for you to hear that you can do it all and you can do it faster.

[00:04:43] So I discovered that we had to do the mental, we had to do the emotional, we had to do the spiritual, and then I even discovered we had to do the energy field. And when I added that piece in, my life catapulted forward. And so what I created was a [00:05:00] system and how it happened was my kids who I were dyslexic.

[00:05:04] So my old, my old, my first career was a special ed teacher. And then I took a therapy class and became a dyslexic therapist. And I worked with students who could read, write, and spell, and we did like therapy for their brain. And I would see them three and four times a week. And how we change their brains was we did a multisensory program.

[00:05:28] We did what you see, with what you say, with what you hear, with what you write, with what you feel. And they would jump two grade levels and reading and just six months. And this light bulb went off one day. I was like, wait a minute. It's taken me like 10 years. It's 10, 12 years into my own healing journey. I'm not where I want to be yet.

[00:05:48] And I went, wait a minute to get their brains better. We did this multisensory program. We're not doing that in healing. So I designed my own. So [00:06:00] that's how the brain system came to be. And so this system is five parts and it's really an acronym. That stands for, be his body working with the body. So that's all the stuff that you do and all the functional medicine docs do, right?

[00:06:15] We're looking at your lifestyle and your sleep and your foods and your supplements. So B as body. R, is releasing and releasing is releasing the mental chatter and the emotional baggage. We've got to release the trauma of you even being sick or whatever led up to that. And even ancestral programs that could be great, great grandmas.

[00:06:41] And then a is aligned with spirit because Spirit's always a part of healing. And then I as integrating it all. And then what I feel is missed in a lot of healing programs is putting in the new program. So N equals new program. How are you going to show up now? [00:07:00] What are your goals in your purpose? What do you want to be. And when we focus on all those pieces together, it catapults people forward more in their healing journey and they don't say stuck in this little. Okay. Just the nutrition thing has helped me and I've reached this plateau, but I still am not me yet.

[00:07:21] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:07:22] Louise Swartswalter: That's how I discovered it. And it's just, again, just like everyone else.

[00:07:26] Julia is my own healing.

[00:07:28] Julie Michelson: Of course, of course. And well, I, I, we have so many similarities in our story. I, I have shared on the podcast before my. Daughter has mercury toxicity had mercury toxicity and she got that from me. And I said, you're welcome no charge. Because I too had many fillings replaced conventionally. I just say improperly, but conventionally years ago.

[00:07:59] And [00:08:00] that was right. I can't remember if I was either pregnant with her. It was right before I got pregnant with her. So just from, you know, so there are so many things we know now that we didn't know then, and I can't even imagine. 'cause I know for me, that is, was one of my underlying triggers. I can't imagine already having been sick and then having that, your body take that blow as incredible.

[00:08:29] And I just love what you said. So we're going to say it a bunch more times today of this. You know, if you don't feel fully like you,

[00:08:39] then don't stop. Right. Don't stop. Don't listen to, you know, often we talk about it in the sense of so many of us, which it sounds like you, you had to, you know, oh, your labs are fine, you're fine.

[00:08:53] Or they don't know. So, you know, we'll see if this diagnosis fits or that label sticks or but [00:09:00] this whole trust yourself. You know, we know when we're not right. If we listen to it and I love this conversation, taking it to the next level of, you know, yeah. Diet is important and helpful and necessary. And we know, you know, the gut plays such a huge role in autoimmunity and just wellness in general, but there is so much more to it.

[00:09:25] And so. It may be such a relief. I mean, that was my journey. I was lucky to move the needle at all, just with diet. And I probably could have just stayed there because it was, it's still was a relief from how I felt before that. So I love that if you don't feel fully yourself, keep going,

[00:09:44] Louise Swartswalter: Keep going. Yeah. You know, I called getting it back to being a hundred percent. Your soul. So your, your brain is a spiritual organ as well as a physical organ. So it has little like cracks and crevices in it, you know, little spaces, [00:10:00] you know, and the masters teaches that we heal in the spaces. So those spaces in the brain, and I can show you if you picture like nerve endings.

[00:10:09] So when there's a nerve ending, there was actually a space between it. So that space is called a cynic.

[00:10:17] And this little serotonin beads have to jump through that synapse. So serotonin being a neurotransmitter, and then probably most of you have heard before, right? It's the happiness hormone. And if that space is, is like gunked up with something and that's the spiritual brain.

[00:10:38] So if you're not working on the spiritual and you're not clearing the energy field, I show that pain starts in the feet. All the diet changes you make and all the supplements you take are not going to get you where you want to go. You've got to do it all. So what I figured out was a process to clear those spaces in the brain to clear the traumas and the emotions that got stuck, whether it happened [00:11:00] when you were age six and you were invalidated, or whether it happened at 16 or whether it was mom's emotions in the.

[00:11:08] That you assimilated or whether it's great, great grandpa's thing. That's in your energy field. And when we clear that you literally can come back into alignment and be what I call a hundred percent you your soul's truth, and to watch people get there and then watch their gifts, shine in the world is just what makes me so excited.

[00:11:30] I

[00:11:31] love

[00:11:31] Julie Michelson: you do what you do.

[00:11:32] Louise Swartswalter: what I do, what I do.

[00:11:33] Julie Michelson: For those of you listening to the audio, Dr. Louise literally just lit up when she said that. And that is why we do what we do because the, you know, there is nothing better than watching somebody reclaim their full self.

[00:11:49] Louise Swartswalter: Yes, it's just such a gift. And it's just, I mean, it's such an honor to be with people. I have the best amazing most group of people right now that I'm working with. And I mean, [00:12:00] I literally wake up and go to bed every night. I just love these people. I'm so blessed. You know, so it, it really is about, you know, us being in service, but it's because we've had a journey, you know, and now we want to give back, you know, so, so it's like everything I learned, if whatever I can pass on, I can't keep secrets.

[00:12:19] I mean, I wasn't even able to hide Christmas presents in the closet for the kids. You know, it was like,

[00:12:24] Julie Michelson: Well, and I've been accused of it many times if not having a filter. So I can't either.

[00:12:30] Louise Swartswalter: Yeah. It's like, you have to have to do this, but yeah. So there are some tools that we can, you know, that we can teach to on how to balance the brain. Because when you balance the brain and balances, it's like brain, I think brain, heart, gut, you know that we're, we're whole people we're aligned, you know?

[00:12:49] And so when you're in the flow, you'll feel it. And when you're in your flow, what's happening is, is your mind or your brain is connected to your heart. And those are the days when [00:13:00] you feel like everything is flowing, almost like synchronicity seemed to happen,

[00:13:06] Julie Michelson: Yes. The

[00:13:07] world is

[00:13:08] fallen. Serendipity. Yup.

[00:13:10] Louise Swartswalter: how, you know, and it's like, okay, so how can we stay there?

[00:13:13] So what if we have tools that we can teach you the brain system tools so you can stay there? What would

[00:13:19] that be?

[00:13:20] Julie Michelson: I, love that. I, we were talking before I hit record, you know, about, unfortunately, so often people are so far away from that feeling. You know, it's been so long and I was thinking, as you said it You know? Yes, we are whole beings that, you know, the word holistic used to be like out there, right? Like alternative. Yeah. We need, we need that full alignment to, to realize the full expression of ourselves. And then what a gift we are in the world.

[00:13:54] Louise Swartswalter: Absolutely. Absolutely. And I know you're doing good work, helping your people do that too. You [00:14:00] know, I'm thinking the best way to maybe to show you this or share this would maybe do a little demonstration. up for that?

[00:14:06] Julie Michelson: That would be great. That would be great. And we'll, let's try to verbalize it as much as we can say for those that are listening on audio.

[00:14:15] Louise Swartswalter: Yes. Yes, we absolutely could do that. So what I'm thinking is this is a process called brain soul balancing and, and it gets you, it gets you back aligned again, back to your soul's truth. And we start with a goal or intention, so everything really starts with your intention or your goal. And and so maybe if we could, could we use you as a surrogate for the.

[00:14:36] Julie Michelson: Sure, absolutely.

[00:14:38] Louise Swartswalter: So if I was going to ask you this question, Julian, I said, Hey, you know, what would you like to have changed or be different? What would be your goal or intention, and maybe kind of think of your audience here. Cause we'll be clearing them too.

[00:14:52] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:14:53] I would say, I mean, for sure, my intention is. [00:15:00] For everybody listening to know that they can heal, like to genuinely truly know that they can heal. They can find that full

[00:15:11] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. So I know I can heal fully.

[00:15:14] Julie Michelson: Yes.

[00:15:15] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. So if you knew that you could heal fully, what would you tell yourself then? You're not telling yourself now.

[00:15:25] Julie Michelson: Well, so this is tricky for me because I do know that,

[00:15:29] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. Okay.

[00:15:30] Julie Michelson: I didn't for so long. So I'm going to channel, I'm going to channel my past

[00:15:35] self if that, if

[00:15:36] Louise Swartswalter: that, would be beautiful. Yes. Cause we're going to walk the goal down is what I'm doing. So I'm actually using NLP questions to help walk the goal down

[00:15:44] Julie Michelson: Yes.

[00:15:45] Louise Swartswalter: and then we're going to clear blocks on it. So it'll help you. But people listening will probably feel it too.

[00:15:51] Julie Michelson: Sure.

[00:15:51] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. Yeah. So your old self, if you really, if you know you heal fully, what would you tell yourself?[00:16:00]

[00:16:05] Julie Michelson: would tell myself, take one step,

[00:16:11] Louise Swartswalter: Okay.

[00:16:13] Julie Michelson: just start with one.

[00:16:19] Louise Swartswalter: And if you were telling yourself to start with one step and you knew that you could heal. What would you be allowing then? You're not fully allowing now.

[00:16:39] Julie Michelson: The word coming up is reclaiming. So I, you know,

[00:16:42] knowing I could read.

[00:16:45] Louise Swartswalter: Awesome. I reclaimed I reclaimed my life.

[00:16:49] Julie Michelson: Yes.

[00:16:50] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. And if you were reclaiming your life and you were starting with that one step and you knew you could heal fully, would you feel?

[00:16:58] Julie Michelson: Empowered.[00:17:00]

[00:17:00] Louise Swartswalter: Awesome. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to put those goals or intentions in a box. So I'm drawing a box on a paper.

[00:17:11] Okay. And so I'm putting in that box feeling empowered, knowing that you can heal food. And you're going to reclaim your life by taking one step at a time. And then what I ask, and this is kind of an intuitive process is I say, you know, who or what has pulled you away from those goals?

[00:17:34] And I use muscle testing.

[00:17:36] So I'm in, I'm using kind of a medical intuitive process here where I'm just going into the energy field and figuring out what, what happened. What's pulling you away from having that for yourself. One to those at least three strings. And so then I draw three strings off the box.

[00:17:52] Okay. And then I'm just asking questions in the field. And I'm saying is the first string have something to do with a male, a female or a situation? [00:18:00] That's a situation. Is it a recent or old? It's an old situation. Is it something with Julie? Yeah. Something in her lifetime. Yes. Something's zero through five, five through 10, 10 of 15, 10, 11, something.

[00:18:12] When you were age 11. And then I say, is this with mom? This is with dads. Is the friend probably a friend. Now you may or may not remember anything at age 11, do anything popping up for you when you think of age 11?

[00:18:27] Julie Michelson: With a friend, anything age 11 with a friend. Not off the top of my head, but I've done a lot of work earlier. So I'm like, now I'm like, Ooh, did I miss a spot?

[00:18:39] Louise Swartswalter: Always layers.

[00:18:41] Julie Michelson: oh, of course. I was going to say I've done earlier in later. And ancestral and yeah, all of it.

[00:18:51] Louise Swartswalter: Well, this

[00:18:51] is good.

[00:18:52] Julie Michelson: I got it.

[00:18:53] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. And sometimes it's not even your stuff, [00:19:00] so it can be friends stuff in your

[00:19:02] energy.

[00:19:02] Julie Michelson: That's exactly what it was. Yep.

[00:19:04] Louise Swartswalter: Yeah. Cause I got unsupported and paranoid as two words. So how this works is it's the power of the spoken word or the truth will set you free. So we name the words and then I do this process that we release it at the soul level.

[00:19:19] And so it just, it just feels like deeper to me. Then. Many of you are going to know a lot of these. If I named them then Reiki or Pranic healing or EFT, which are awesome, you know, these are all awesome mindset, clearing energy kind of techniques. This just feels like it cuts to the chase and goes a little bit.

[00:19:43] That's how it feels. And that's what

[00:19:44] people tell me. So, so this is paranoid, unsupported and possessive. So is that the energy? It was in the field at age 11? Yes. Is there something else? Yes. Isn't on this sheet? No, isn't that outside cheat sheets of words that I'm looking at, you know, so I'm just muscle testing.

[00:19:59] Like [00:20:00] what are some of the words, or if they're not on here, then I look for them. Frustration.

[00:20:09] And while I'm received, now, this could even be your friend stuff, but you took it on because. Perfect. You know, so that's what it could be. And then we say, all right, well, what did that do? How did it pull you away from feeling empowered and fully reclaiming, you know, your healing. And and so the words that clear is we say, what is that a liar, a thief, or a fraud.

[00:20:35] And I get thief. And then we say, what did it do? Did it kill steal or destroy, good destroy to destroy. And so then we're looking at those reclaiming words. So, you know, at the time it destroyed your friendship. So we're reclaiming friendship, peace.[00:21:00]

[00:21:06] Tolerance and trust. So we're going to say I destroyed and create any judgements, assumptions, projections, conclusions decisions about the situation at age 11, anything in your field at that time, pulling you away from having this goal of healing fully, you know, starting with that one step, reclaiming your life and feeling empowered, good and bad, right?

[00:21:32] And wrong pod and POC, all nine shorts, boys and beyond. And then I have you take an open hand and hit the bottom of your foot. So even with the shoe on or whatever, we're just going to hit our foot. Okay. Awesome. Good job. So and so then we look at the next string and we said, was this a male, female, or a situation?

[00:21:51] That's another situation. Was it with something with Julie S was a Julian family? No. Julie herself, yes. Something with yourself at a certain age? [00:22:00] Yes. Was it the wound? No. I think it's more teenager, 10th or 15th, 15 to 20 15, 16, 17, 18, 17, 18, probably around 18 age 18. Was this age 18 with you with a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, family, family member. Do you have any siblings?

[00:22:30] Julie Michelson: do.

[00:22:32] Louise Swartswalter: Yup. So sisters or brothers?

[00:22:35] Julie Michelson: Both two of

[00:22:36] Louise Swartswalter: Oh, two of each. Okay. I feel like this is a sister.

[00:22:40] Julie Michelson: Okay.

[00:22:42] Louise Swartswalter: Okay. So you're age 18.

[00:22:44] Is this a younger sister and older sister could be an older sister. Do you have an older sister? Okay. So let's find out, is this your stuff or her stuff? So is this duly stuff? Her sister's stuff. It's your sister's stuff in your field [00:23:00]

[00:23:00] Julie Michelson: Yep. I know.

[00:23:01] Louise Swartswalter: you got it some popping up at AJT. Yeah. Okay. Here, here, 1, 2, 3, that the word rigid, rigid and unprotected. Yeah. That one before in a weight on supported before. Okay. Rigid, unprotected annoyed, peeved P and worthless. It's not as strong as you [00:24:00] now. And maybe even a little jealous of you

[00:24:05] Julie Michelson: Maybe

[00:24:05] Louise Swartswalter: and then I get confusion. Is there another word we need to know about this situation? Is it ? Oh, isn't it. Oh, word overwhelmed now. Oppressed. No opinionated, opinionated, opinionated. So then we say, was that a liar thief for fraud or all three it's all three. So what did it do? It killed, stolen, destroyed something.

[00:24:34] So at the time it killed your freedom. So we're reclaiming more freedom, still a vision of what you thought would be and destroyed your guidance. You're going to get back more guidance. Awesome. You're feeling a little lighter.

[00:24:59] Julie Michelson: I love it.[00:25:00]

[00:25:00] Louise Swartswalter: So we're going to say, just write on, create any judgments, assumptions, projections, conclusions decisions about the situation at 18. Anything in your field there that affected you from feeling empowered and reclaiming your life.

[00:25:12] Being able to start with one step and heal fully good and bad, right and wrong pod and POC, all nine shorts, boys, and ambiance. Then we're just going to tap your foot again. What's this other strings. What does it affect here? Is this a, is this really, really old? Is this ancestral, is this mom dad's side dad's side.

[00:25:31] How far back dad's side is this more than five, 10 feet. More than 15 generations back? Well, 18 generations back on dad's side. So what's dad's first name?

[00:25:44] Julie Michelson: Arthur.

[00:25:45] Louise Swartswalter: Arthur.

[00:25:47] Okay. So this is great. Great, great, great grandma, grandpa. This is just really old energy.

[00:25:53] Julie Michelson: Yep.

[00:25:58] Louise Swartswalter: So I got the word [00:26:00] self-destructed oh, pressed. Oh, you're going to feel lighter. I think everybody's going to feel lighter and this is good. Protected, you know, so much of healing is about feeling safe.

[00:26:18] Julie Michelson: Absolutely.

[00:26:20] Louise Swartswalter: It's getting back to safety and trust. So I always say, you know worry and trust are opposite. Fear and faith are opposite. And so, you know, all of us are working on staying in more faith and more trust.

[00:26:33] And during this time, and this. Really the whole promise of what's happening right now is to pull us up to a higher spiritual place, to have a deeper connection with God, whatever God is to you. And that's what's really happening right now. And so this work right now, this kind of work is so important. We're all healing, these deeper layers, 18 generations back, right.

[00:26:56] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:26:57] Louise Swartswalter: You know, of this really, really old [00:27:00] stuff that really isn't

[00:27:02] isn't even yours. For Lauren helpless. I mean, of course they had, you know, probably no running water in no food. I mean, they had to, they lived a harder life and we're so spoiled.

[00:27:27] Julie Michelson: But I don't need to carry their stuff.

[00:27:29] Louise Swartswalter: No, you don't. So it's the old sadness, the rejection, the helplessness, you know, the four we were in the fear, not overwhelmed the shock. So all of that, again was a liar, thief, and a fraud. Do I need to do reading and I have to reading, killing, stealing, stealing hope, freedom. Friendship comfort to be given [00:28:00] trust guidance, protection, success, confidence, gratitude. Tolerance. So we're reclaiming all of that. So we're just going to say I destroy it and create any judgements, assumptions, projections, conclusions decisions about the situation on your dad's side of the family, the 18 generation, you know, back patterns, whatever those patterns were.

[00:28:24] We released that. Now let that go. Allow you to be free, to feel empowered, to reclaim your life, to start with one step at a time. And to know that you can heal fully good and bad, right and wrong pod and POC, all nine shorts, boys and beyond. We're just going to tap your foot again too late. Good job. Yay.

[00:28:42] Awesome. And I'm just going to say rock mom, just to clear any energy. Okay. Cool. All right. Did we get it? Yes. Awesome. Is there another string now? Two, one for the new program. Do I need to do a reading for this ancestry thing? And I'm going to find a book here on a Florida.[00:29:00]

[00:29:04] It's this one here, I'm in the middle of this book. Sometimes when we do an ancestral clearing, I have to do a reading out of a book and I literally just open up the book. I go, okay, this is the beginning of the middle or the end. Okay. Is it this paragraph? It is. So I'm going to have you just tap on your thymus gland, which is the bump underneath the notch in your neck.

[00:29:23] It's the seed of the soul. It's also the immune system gland and I'm reading something out of a book called the untethered soul by Michael singer. And I'm in the middle of the book. Really? It's on page 95. And what we're doing is we're clearing the old energy. That's 18 generations back and another deeper level, so that you can heal all the way and, you know, know that you can feel empowered and reclaim your life.

[00:29:51] It says all you have to do to stop expecting the mind to fix what's wrong inside of you. That's the core, the root of it all your mind [00:30:00] is not the guilty party. In fact, your mind is innocent. The mind is simply a computer, a tool. It can be used to ponder great thoughts, solve scientific problems and serve humanity.

[00:30:13] But you in your loss state told it to spend his time conjuring up outer solutions for your very personal inner problems. You're the one who's trying to use the analytical mind to protect yourself from the natural unfolding of life. By watching your mind, you will notice that it's engaged in the process of trying to make everything okay.

[00:30:39] Consciously. Remember that this is not what you want to do. And then just gently disengage do not fight it to not fight your mind. You will never win. It will either beat you now or will suppress it and we'll come back and beat you later. Instead of fighting the mind, don't participate in. [00:31:00] When you see the mind telling you how to fix the world and everyone in it in order to suit yourself, just don't listen.

[00:31:07] The key to be quiet.

[00:31:12] Julie Michelson: Beautiful.

[00:31:13] Louise Swartswalter: Wow. Awesome. Did we successfully clear that all? Yeah, we did look at that. You're S you're beeping. I'm going to escape scape.

[00:31:21] Julie Michelson: I, so I have to share with listeners, I've done a lot of work, including ancestral, and this is not the first time. Ancestor has come up. And so I'm excited because, and I keep thinking it, but, and I don't know if you checked male-female I, did I get a male? I I'm it just, as you said, we're so lucky when I think of. What I've learned about that lifetime of that ancestor. And so I am re I am lighter and excited because I have already done work around this and it's [00:32:00] already, I've released a lot. Clearly there was more there to release, but I just want listeners to know that. This is real. This may seem really far out there for people that we do in fact, have the opportunity to carry stuff.

[00:32:16] That's not ours,

[00:32:18] just not ours. And it's not necessarily from this lifetime. So they're just so like you said, layers, there's so many layers of work to do. But the. Strength and power of, of doing that, that work is, I always say that then the healing can be exponential.

[00:32:38] Louise Swartswalter: Yes. It's faster. It's

[00:32:40] definitely felt and you look different. So do you feel that.

[00:32:44] Julie Michelson: Oh, I do.

[00:32:45] Louise Swartswalter: Yeah. Yeah. So there's like some weight that we just took off there, which is so completely beautiful. And what I'm hoping too is not just for you, but anyone listening, because even though we're talking about like your family, it, it always seems like, [00:33:00] like when I do group work too, I do big classes and big online events and stuff.

[00:33:04] And in-person events that whoever's the surrogate for the room. It, it moves out to the everyone else.

[00:33:10] Julie Michelson: Well, and that's my goal. And I had set this intention before we even. Hopped on zoom today was, you know, there was always, the goal is to serve. Whoever's listening, that they hear what they need to and they, they connect with. So

[00:33:25] Louise Swartswalter: Yeah.

[00:33:25] Julie Michelson: I love the work that you are putting into the world. And you guys, Dr.

[00:33:31] Louise is the real deal

[00:33:34] really.

[00:33:35] Louise Swartswalter: you. I love it. You know what I mean? Like I love it, you know, so it's truly my passion. And again, watching even just your face, get lighter, it just excites me that we could help, you know? So that's really the goal I'd like to do. One more little thing. We'll take two minutes because what we did is we took out the trash it's like we released the old stuff.

[00:33:57] And then the other piece of this is putting the [00:34:00] new program.

[00:34:00] Julie Michelson: yes.

[00:34:01] Louise Swartswalter: And your know program is, Hey, I know I can heal fully. And those goals you said, so this is even going to look a little, even more different. Okay. And I know that if you're just listening and you can't see this, I'm just going to describe to you that what I'm doing is I'm using numbers.

[00:34:19] There's math. It's the universal language. So numbers are the universal language and these codes were given to me by my teacher, Dorothy. And so the codes for successful integrate into your energy field, like your energy field is like a computer. So it's putting in a new program and your bio computer.

[00:34:42] Think of it as putting in a new McAfee program or a new path, a new virus program. Okay. In your. Energy field and your biocomputer. And it'll just take us two seconds here. So all we're going to do is say these two, at least some heavy say, I know I can heal fully.[00:35:00]

[00:35:00] Julie Michelson: I know I can heal fully.

[00:35:02] Louise Swartswalter: I tell myself, start with one step.

[00:35:05] Julie Michelson: I tell myself, start with one step.

[00:35:07] Louise Swartswalter: I reclaim my life.

[00:35:09] Julie Michelson: I reclaim my life.

[00:35:11] Louise Swartswalter: I feel empowered.

[00:35:13] Julie Michelson: I feel empowered.

[00:35:15] Louise Swartswalter: And what I'm doing is muscle testing those statements, and they should bring stress up cause we didn't integrate them yet. And so this is called an integration and we're putting these codes in your energy field and then I'm going to give everyone some homework and the homework will be doing something called mind.

[00:35:34] Which is just 12 exercises that balance your brain, that I have kids doing adults doing grandkids doing, and it just really helps you stay more aligned. So you're just going to hear me say some numbers, right? Okay. So that's what it's going to sound like. So it's two, three, love five, three forgiveness, six, five choice nine, two, freedom, four, two greater love.

[00:35:57] I just went down your left leg for [00:36:00] two. I'll have you say the, say I have positive self-worth

[00:36:04] Julie Michelson: have positive self-worth

[00:36:06] Louise Swartswalter: to, to, I choose to succeed.

[00:36:08] Julie Michelson: I choose to succeed.

[00:36:10] Louise Swartswalter: Four, four. I choose to live in India.

[00:36:13] Julie Michelson: I choose to live in.

[00:36:14] Louise Swartswalter: And six to, I choose to live by the higher laws.

[00:36:18] Julie Michelson: I choose to live by the higher.

[00:36:20] Louise Swartswalter: Awesome. And then 1, 4 7 is on your backside. Then I'm going to have you look at my. Four or 5, 9, 6, 9, 6.

[00:36:29] These are rings consciousness, ring, cranial ring eight six hearing ring six eight seen ring three to 9 26. Complete cycles, 5,859 times two to 8 23 complete cycles, 2,363 times 3 7 5 3 7 7 4 5 8 6 4 6 9 4 6 7. Releasing trauma ten five seven. 2 8 7, 7, 5 and a shop 1, 2, 3, 4 piece five to 37 [00:37:00] complete cycles, 87,357 times two day 24 32 times 4, 2 2, 2 4 4 6, 2.

[00:37:09] Awesome. Yeah.

[00:37:10] Okay. Yay. Now you could, could, you feel that.

[00:37:14] Julie Michelson: I can.

[00:37:15] Louise Swartswalter: Isn't that amazing. The codes come through. Zoom. I love that. So I'll just say that, say that last one again, say I feel empowered.

[00:37:23] Julie Michelson: I feel empowered.

[00:37:25] Louise Swartswalter: Awesome. And then we're going to lock it in. So the way we lock it in is put your hands above your head, like class them together.

[00:37:32] And if I was physically with you, I would try to pull them down in front of you and you would resist me. So it's called the lock. Okay.

[00:37:40] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:37:41] Louise Swartswalter: And then calling your fingers. Like you're making a little wand with your fingers on your right hand, and you're making a circle in front of your heart and say the number two, two,

[00:37:51] Julie Michelson: Two two.

[00:37:52] Louise Swartswalter: and then say, I choose to succeed

[00:37:54] Julie Michelson: I choose to succeed.

[00:37:56] Louise Swartswalter: and then tap your belly button eight times [00:38:00] that locks in those goals, your little intentions about healing fully

[00:38:08] Julie Michelson: Love that.

[00:38:09] Yeah.

[00:38:10] Louise Swartswalter: So that's the new program piece. And again, it's energy work, it's in the energy field and it looks really funny when you first see it. And honestly, I almost walked out of the first class, but they were clearly trial. They clear trauma. I learned this 12 years ago, or maybe 13 now. And they were clearing trauma from an accident someone had, and I watched them literally changed in the moment

[00:38:31] and I was like, that's too cool.

[00:38:32] I got to know what this is. that's how it really all started.

[00:38:36] Julie Michelson: And guys, she just shared it with you. So it is amazing. And those mind gems that you mentioned, I know the link for that gift for all the listeners is in the show notes. And, and I always ask what's what is one step? And you gave them there one step, you said that's their homework. So

[00:38:56] Louise Swartswalter: Yes, because this is powerful work and you will spin out all the [00:39:00] energy. And so to help you do that, you need a tool. And in mind, gems is literally takes less than five minutes.

[00:39:08] Julie Michelson: I love it guys. That's your step? Do those mind gems before we wrap up tell listeners where the best place to find you or connect with you is.

[00:39:18] Louise Swartswalter: The best place to find me as I'm probably my website. I'm also on social media. It's louiseswartswalter.com. So, and I'm on Facebook, I'm on Instagram and have a great podcast too. And we're going to have you on the brain soul success show. So we talk about, you know, the brain and spirituality and have great guests like Julie and people on.

[00:39:38] So you can find that too on iTunes.

[00:39:41] Julie Michelson: Love it and guys tune in it is a great podcast. Dr. Lewis. Thank you so much. You shared, you probably blew a lot of money. Today you shared a lot of gems with us. And again, for the listeners out there who are [00:40:00] really new to this world, I just have to say, because I have done so much work and studied on myself and studied as well.

[00:40:08] Dr. Lewis is the real deal, so thank you.

[00:40:12] Louise Swartswalter: You're welcome. Thanks. Thank you so much. And thank you for being the surrogate for that process for your audience to Dooley. I, I appreciate that. And thank you for having me. I, I love sharing.

[00:40:24] Julie Michelson: My pleasure. And my honor. For everyone listening, remember you can get the show notes and transcripts by visiting inspiredliving.show. I hope you had a great time 


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