Inspired Living with Autoimmunity™ is the podcast for high achievers who want to stay sharp, energetic, and focused; who know there has to be something better than simply accepting decline.

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In today’s episode we are joined by Trina Felber, creator and CEO of Primal Life Organics.

We are talking about the importance of a healthy oral microbiome, and the steps we can take to create balance and wellness.

Trina walks us through what is truly healthy for our mouth and why most of the dental care products sold today are harming our health.

We connect the dots between oral health and chronic inflammation, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss.
Today we are joined by Dr. Louise Swartswalter, who has been helping transform lives for over twenty years using a unique multi-dimensional approach.

She is the founder of the Brain- Soul Success Academy and the creator of the BRAIN system, which she shares with us today.

Today we discuss the importance of continuing your healing journey if you still don’t fully feel like your full self.

Dr. Louise takes us through a brain soul balancing exercise, with me acting as a surrogate.  Our conversation will likely introduce you to new levels of healing that you may not have encountered before.
Today we are joined by Monica Hershaft, a true trailblazer in the wellness space.  With her area of specialty being chronic mystery illness and autoimmune, this is a must listen to episode.

We discuss the all-too-common occurrence of the search for answers when labs are normal and doctors tell you that you are fine, even though you feel sick.

Monica shares with us the 5 layers to illness that are universal, and her three-pillar approach to reclaiming health.
Today we are talking toxins with Therese Forton-Barnes and do we cover A LOT!

Therese gives us tips and tricks to take control of our health by reducing our toxin exposure in our homes and on our bodies.

We cover practical steps we can take to clean up our homes and how truly clean products like Tee’s Organics can make living clean easier for all of us.

Jaclyn Bacon is joining us today and we are talking about high functioning anxiety.

What it looks like in your everyday life, what the common root causes are, and how it relates to autoimmunity.

Jaclyn illuminates the common pitfalls of the overachiever and gives us an amazing step to take to begin to shift into presence and step out of anxiety and illness.

In today’s episode we are joined by Dr. Renee Wellenstein, who is an amazing Libido-ologist.

She is a double board-certified physician whose personal experience with burnout has led her to step outside of the conventional medicine box to empower the women she works with to take control of their health, jumpstart their energy, improve their confidence and reignite their libido.

You may be surprised to hear how the same factors affect autoimmunity as well as libido.  I promise we will connect those dots.

Dr. Renee shares with us her ABC’s of burnout and gives us actionable steps we can take to bring self care into our lives to improve our health as well as our quality of life.
In today’s episode Kate Vazquez, founder or Radiant Health and author of Estrogen is a Bitch, joins me to discuss all things estrogen imbalance and how that can relate to autoimmunity.

Kate shares her wisdom about what may contribute to estrogen dominance, as well as what symptoms are often experienced.

We talk about birth control pills, and the impact they may have on long term health and Kate suggests steps to take to protect hormone balance.
In today’s episode I am joined by Dr. Deb Matthew, the Happy Hormones Doctor.

She shares how her health journey prompted her to completely change her medical practice to move from the model of putting Band-Aids on symptoms to treating her patients with a functional medicine approach.

We discuss hormone health as it relates to autoimmunity and Dr. Deb shares her 4 key pillars to hormone and immune health that must be addressed for full health.

In today’s episode we are joined by Chef James Barry who has created an amazing functional food product, Pluck.

Pluck is an organ-based all-purpose seasoning mix that is a delicious way to get nature’s multivitamin into your everyday meals.

We discuss our shared passion for a real, whole food diet and organ meat as the most nutrient dense food we can consume.

James shares tips and tricks for introducing this essential food group into our diets… and he announces his new blends coming in January, including an AIP Blend!
Today we are joined by Dr. Anshul Gupta, world expert in Hashimoto’s Disease.

We discuss his mission to help over a million people reverse their health conditions, and the 3-step process he uses to help patients reverse their Hashimoto’s and live life to the fullest.

We learn about his Mito-Thyroid diet and even get guidance on creating the perfect breakfast smoothie.
In today’s episode Dani Williamson shares her six step approach to healing.

We talk about how in order to heal we need to eat well, sleep well, move well, and poop well, de-stress well, and build community.  Dani’s common sense approach cuts through the confusing medical jargon and makes healing accessible for all.  She truly is Wild and Well and shares how you can be too.
Today we are joined by Angie Alt, an AIP Pioneer.

Angie explains exactly with AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) is and what it isn’t.  We discuss why it is a lifestyle and not just a diet.  Angie shares with us her focus on creating a shift from a self-care to a community care approach.

We explore the scientific studies that have been published, and are in the works, showing just how effective AIP can be in healing autoimmunity. 
In today’s episode, we are joined by Dr. Carol Lourie, an expert in complex and chronic disease.

We discuss the connection between autoimmunity and breast cancer as metabolic diseases and delve into just how effective an integrative approach is.  We talk about mindset, and its importance for healing and optimizing health.

We even discuss how essential it is to have fun and enjoyment in life (and might mention wine as a healthy lifestyle inclusion).
In our conversation today, Lisa shares about how her experience in business and education has informed her perspective on the importance of a holistic approach, whether in medicine, or the food system, we need to pull the lens back.

Lisa shares her healing journey with us, and her message of the importance of looking inward for answers instead of looking for solutions from an external source.

She invites us to move confusion to clarity, getting out of our heads and into our hearts and bodies to facilitate healing.
In this episode, we hear from Energy Healer Amy Stark.

Amy shares her journey from sickness to health, and from science teacher to energy healer. We discuss how essential it is to get out of a sympathetic state and into a parasympathetic state in order to heal, and why meditation can be such a great tool.

We not only talk about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and how it is a shortcut to healing,  but Amy gives us a treat by taking us through a tapping exercise created just for this audience.
Today we are joined by Aimee Carlson, The Toxin Terminator.

In addition to sharing her journey back to health with us, Aimee gives us many steps that we can all take to start to clean up our exposure to hidden toxins.

We dive into  and reversing chronic illness, and how each small step we take can help us get our power back.  We discuss the four main areas of top toxins that need to be addressed to optimize health.  It is time to terminate those toxins!
In today’s episode we hear from my Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr. James Howton about the importance of optimal hormones, and the role that hormones play in autoimmunity.

Dr. Howton was an early adopter, using bioidentical hormones in his practice since the mid 1990’s.

We discuss the difference between hormones “in the normal range” and optimal levels, as well as why normalizing our symptoms isn’t to our benefit.  Dr. Howton also addresses one of my favorite topics, the importance of mindset on overall health.  Listen to our conversation and make sure you aren’t missing an important piece of your health puzzle.
Episode 1
I am beyond excited to have my dear friend Ian Mitchell on our first full episode today. To say that Ian comes to us from a science background, is an understatement, he is quite possibly one of the most brilliant scientists of our time.

In our conversation today, we discuss the body’s innate ability to heal when the blocks are removed, and the foundation is supported.

While Ian works in his lab to improve or alleviate many of the health challenges faced today, including cancer and Alzheimer’s, in this episode we are focusing on Autoimmunity and Rheumatoid Arthritis.  We even hint about the special RA serum that is in the works, that he is currently creating, and will be available to the public through me soon.

Ian is a true contributor to humanity, focusing not only on health, but on the larger challenges facing our planet and universe.  I am honored to call him a friend and thrilled to have him share with us today.
Inspired Living with Autoimmunity™ is the podcast for high achievers who want to stay sharp, energetic, and focused; who know there has to be something better than simply accepting decline.

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