Episode 43
Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Ae:

The Key to Beauty and Radiance

In this episode we talk about skin wellness and how to create true beauty and radiance. optimizing body, mind, spirit, and energy is the key, and my friend Rachel Varga joins us to walk us through it all.
First Aired on: Jul 11, 2022
Episode 43
Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Ae:

The Key to Beauty and Radiance

In this episode we talk about skin wellness and how to create true beauty and radiance. optimizing body, mind, spirit, and energy is the key, and my friend Rachel Varga joins us to walk us through it all.
First Aired on: Jul 11, 2022
In this episode:
In today's episode, Rachel shares how we create beauty and radiance through slowing cellular aging by upleveling our mind, body, spirit, and energy vibrations.  From skincare routine dos and don'ts to biohacking...we touch on it all.

Rachel is focused on helping people live brighter and more vibrant lives.  She shares her professional journey from ICU nurse specializing in palliative care to aesthetics, and ultimately her current business where she helps her clients age impossibly well using her Holistic Science of Beauty.

What to avoid in your skincare products

Wash your face with cleanser twice a day!

Finding and identifying mineral sunscreen...don't be fooled by blends.  Only zinc oxide or titanium are safe to use.  Avoid chemicals screens!

Beyond skincare into biohacking.

Light exposure
Plenty of water that is filtered, structured and mineralized.
Optimizing sleep
Avoiding/ protecting yourself from EMF's

The importance of 3rd party testing in all products and supplements you use.

Never go for first generation supplements, products, and procedures...always wait 7-8 years for data and evidence.  Second and third generation are going to be improved.

Certain rejuvenation procedures are important to avoid if you have autoimmunity...how to know...

Follow your intuition...it is always right!

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Episode Transcript

[00:00:00] Julie Michelson: Welcome back to the inspired living with auto immunity podcast. I'm your host, Julie Michaelson. And today I'm joined by Rachel Varga. Double board certified aesthetic nurse specialist, award-winning author and podcast host. And I am beyond excited to share this conversation with you. In today's episode, Rachel shares her tips on what we absolutely [00:01:00] must avoid in our skincare routines, as well as what we should be doing.

[00:01:04] If you have autoimmunity and you're considering rejuvenation procedures, listen to this episode first because Rachel knows what works for us and what doesn't. With the focus on slowing cellular aging as the key to beauty and radiance, we discuss some of my favorite topics, such as biohacking, reducing toxic load and food, water, and air quality.

[00:01:28] Rachel welcome to the podcast.

[00:01:31] Rachel Varga: It is so lovely to be here with you, Julie, we had a fun time catching up. Pre-recording this is gonna be a really exciting episode. Thanks for having me.

[00:01:40] Julie Michelson: I am. I am so excited as I just told you, before we hit record, I. Listeners need to hear the things you're saying and nobody else is talking about it. And so I am thrilled to have you on and to be able to catch up. It has been too long. Living in different countries has [00:02:00] kept us apart for a couple of years, but we are gonna bring you to the world right now and jump right on in.

[00:02:08] People are probably like, wait, why? Like, you know, why, why are we talking about skin and what does this have to do with autoimmunity? And so I'm so excited to get to the meet, but I love starting with your story. You know, how did you go from what we think of as you know, a typical, maybe not typical, I'm sure you were way above typical.

[00:02:32] But it. Common aesthetic practice to doing what you're doing now and making such a contribution in a different way.

[00:02:42] Rachel Varga: Sure thing. So my first sports certification bachelor's of science and nursing, I did peds ICU nursing. Palliative care actually is what got me into nursing. My lovely, fabulous, wonderful loving grandfather passed away at home. My mom's a nurse, so always wanted to care for people from a really young [00:03:00] age and just like soaked up health knowledge at a very like ages.

[00:03:05] 1614. I had my friends asking questions and I was just always seeking information to help us live better, brighter, be more vibrant and just help and be of service to others. After a couple years in peds, ICU trach, vent care, primarily so highly specialized. Then I segued into. Becoming an aesthetic nurse and partnered up with an oculoplastic surgeon.

[00:03:29] And if you know anything about plastic surgery, aesthetics oculoplastics is like the ocre. So that's working with upper lower eyelid surgery, which rhinoplasty eyelid surgery are actually the two most common surgeries as we age. So as we age, we get the hooded upper eyelids, the lower eye. Also to the effect of the eyelids even impairing your peripheral vision.

[00:03:52] So people seek out these types of surgeries, not only for a set of grace. And so they look a little bit brighter and more awake, but also so that they [00:04:00] can see a. And skin cancer. So the skin is the largest organ of your body. So you might think, Hey, this girl probably seems superficial talking about skin and looking pretty and beautiful, but actually the skin tells us so much of what's going on inside.

[00:04:16] So when I would work with clients with autoimmune conditions, I would have to go very slow with them. And see how they would respond. So then I got my double board certification. I'm a certified aesthetic nurse specialist, international clinical trainer, teacher speaker published many award-winning articles and just recently published an article for a UK journal. And what I'm really passionate about is reducing harm and promoting optimal outcomes in the rejuvenation space. And thank goodness that my take on being very conservative with lasers and injectables with those with underlying autoimmune conditions is being very well received. I didn't know if [00:05:00] being a little bit of a disruptor was going to have people not really be interested in what I have to say, but there's a lot of caring providers out there that do know that lots of people have thyroid conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, and lots of things.

[00:05:16] The skin shows us so much, and then obviously we're connected through a wonderful health organization. And I had all these experts telling me that. They've worked with clients that have been harm. By a number of different rejuvenation things. And especially if they're toxic or they have underlying autoimmune conditions.

[00:05:34] So my, you know, Western aesthetics model got turned on its head and started to learn about the world of biohacking and slowing cellular aging. So not just doing like the in clinic rejuvenation, but. Doing about 90% at home skincare or more rolling, using really good clean products, biohacking with cell modifications and maybe only about 10% of the in [00:06:00] clinic staff to kind of UND undo sun damage and things like that.

[00:06:04] But yeah, so that's my story. It's not very superficial what I do. It's actually in fact, quite deep to really be beautiful and. You really need to focus on the body, mind, spirit and energy practices. I've been doing this a long time set since 2011. And it just started to take notes from my most vibrant and radiant clients that were actually typically men and women aged 50 to 90, what they were doing to thrive.

[00:06:28] And so then I integrated that into my care too. So it's, it's been a fun journey

[00:06:34] Julie Michelson: Wow. That's a full journey. And we are so grateful and you're right. People do they think it's fluff, right? And so it's so not fluff. I will say the first time I ever met you it, it is intimidating cuz you are stunningly beautiful. And so many of us have that idea of like in the aesthetic space. That that's what it's all about

[00:06:56] Rachel Varga: Oh, let's, let's go shadow and deep here. Did [00:07:00] you, did you judge me, did you think that I was really, really into the only the superficial stuff?

[00:07:06] Julie Michelson: No, no, I didn't. Cuz, and I don't know if you recall our first conversation, but we were all all about energy and no, not at all. But it was kind of like, you know, well, how am I gonna be on her podcast? You know? like, I don't. But I love that we were talking about this before we hit record too. This you're so brilliant.

[00:07:26] You are it for so many reasons, but this idea of. Learning from your clients who are, you know, at least a half a century in, right. And that that's where you're getting your, this roadmap for like, oh, this is what we all should be doing. And this focus on, it's not, you know, if we can prevent, we don't have to reverse people.

[00:07:51] And that's why I always say it's the same thing. And, and I know Rachel's gonna touch on things that you guys hear me say too, because [00:08:00] when we're talking about aging, we're talking about inflammation. We're talking about autoimmunity, it's all a spectrum. It's all the same stuff. It's about really taking care of our bodies, our minds, our spirits.

[00:08:13] And so

[00:08:14] Rachel Varga: the energy

[00:08:15] Julie Michelson: at the energy and.

[00:08:16] Rachel Varga: sweat us together.

[00:08:18] Julie Michelson: Yes. Yes. And so I'm, I'm so excited. So let's jump in. I wanna circle back cuz I think the most, well, that's not true. There's gonna be a lot of things that different people are gonna pick up. Different nuggets and it's, you're gonna change their lives cuz they heard this.

[00:08:36] I definitely do wanna circle back. I know that paper that just came out. I wanna talk about what we need to be avoiding if we have auto immunity. And, and maybe what rejuvenation options are better. And what are absolutely never ever. But even before that, I, I wanna, I feel like the baby step to that.

[00:08:57] Is like, let's talk about [00:09:00] skincare and products and just in general, so maybe not, you know, procedures or, or treatments, but what should we not be using on our skin? Or what should we be using? Give us some guidance with that.

[00:09:16] Rachel Varga: All right. Well, let's start with what not to do, because that's kind of a bit more of a short list, avoiding things like parabins Ts sulfates, artificial dyes, fragrances. Now some fragrances are okay. We just wanna make sure that they're ate free fragrances. So I work with about 15 different skincare supplements, hair care, makeup, self tanning lines, but I've actually worked with many of them since 2011.

[00:09:40] I see what my clients keep coming back for. Good luck trying to go, trying to Google and YouTube, the things that I've learned in my practice and through teaching and being a researcher. So that's why it's helpful to connect with people like Julie and myself to pick our brains. Cuz we've sort of been around the block.

[00:09:57] We've really observed what [00:10:00] our. Our most vibrant radiant clients are doing funnily enough, Julie, when I have people on my show, I always ask them what, what are some common trends in your vibrant radiant clients? I kid you not probably about 90% of them miss this question that I ask them. And only about 10% are truly the observers.

[00:10:17] So taking this like OBS observing perspective in everything not being reactive, I think is really helpful, especially right now. So. You wanna avoid those specific skin care toxins? Also mineral sunscreen filters are the only ones to use. Chemical sunscreen filters like avobenzone oxybenzone.

[00:10:38] Anything that ends in a zone is essentially a chemical filter. They only last about an hour and a half to two and a half hours. They sting your eyes, say kill Marine life. They mess with your hormones. So those are toxic lots of very easy access, PubMed articles on that. And. The tricky thing for the consumer, you listening [00:11:00] is the chemical and mineral sunscreens are usually mixed now in blends.

[00:11:05] So they can be marketed as a mineral sunscreen, but they're not. So just look at the back of your

[00:11:10] Julie Michelson: that package over

[00:11:12] Rachel Varga: Yes. So check out your BV cream, CC creams, primers, sunscreens. Foundations moisturizers, look at the medicinal ingredients. And then if there's anything in there other than zinc and titanium, you need to get rid of it.

[00:11:29] You still need to supplement your vitamin D let's be honest. And I still want you to get 15 minutes full body sun exposure to get those circadian rhythm pathways happening. So you sleep better, your hormones regulated great for your eyes. So that's what not to do with your skincare products. Also just a couple of basics of what to do, and this is cleansing morning and nights.

[00:11:52] With a cleanser that say, maybe I've recommended for you. Cuz I do one on one care where people meet with me and they [00:12:00] say, Rachel, these are my skin needs. What do I do? Okay. Here's a plan and here's some ongoing support. It's really fun actually. And I sleep very well at night. So cleansing morning at night to get off the oxidative stressors on the skin.

[00:12:12] So if you're just like a splasher of water you're actually getting like from your air talking a lot of people with autoimmune stuff have. Issues. So what's in the air. Well, it depends how pure air is. I have air purifiers in every room in my home,

[00:12:27] Julie Michelson: Me too.

[00:12:28] Rachel Varga: but we can have things like dirt, debris, pollution sitting on the skin and your cosmetic creams and makeup and getting stuck in the top layer of the skin called the stratum Curium looks like. Corn flakes. And if you're not cleansing and exfoliating them off, the oxidative stressors and free radicals are hanging out there and they're actually contributing to skin sensitivities. So if you think, or you've had someone give you really, really great free advice. To tell you to only splash your water, your [00:13:00] face with water, lots of bad free advice out there these days.

[00:13:02] So buyer beware you do need to cleanse that off. So double cleanse in the evening, moisturize to feed and protect the skin. You gotta have a moisturizer. That's acting like multivitamin. That's going to have things like antioxidants and peptides to feed and nourish the skin sunscreen every day.

[00:13:17] Even if you're kicking it at home, the blue light from our devices reaches a hundred nanometers. Into the skin, then what you get from UVA and UVB outside. You gotta change your lighting inside. Get rid of your LEDs. Go to halogen. You'll sleep better. You'll feel better. Hormones will be better regulated.

[00:13:35] And then exfoliate couple, couple of times a week. I have a free cheat sheet on this too, which I'm more than happy to share, but when you do all those things in your am and PM routine, that's gonna set the stage to like stabilize things. So if you're having diffused redness, maybe you've been told you have.

[00:13:53] Rosacea, which more often than not people are using, I hate to say this hippy dippy skincare oil based skincare, not [00:14:00] cleansing properly. They are actually the ones 40, 50 and up that have the diffuse redness that. Can be confused as rosacea, but within just usually a couple of days to one or two weeks of being on a really good stabilizing skincare routine, that redness will start to dissipate as also some supplements to help with oxidative stress, too, omegas the list goes on of what to do, but it's a short list of what not to do.

[00:14:27] So avoiding those toxins, make sure. Cleansing morning and night moisturizing morning, night sunscreen every day with your, you know, sun in the morning, exfoliating a couple times a week. And then it's this whole rabbit hole of what to do to slow your cellular aging. But the bottom line, you gotta keep your toxic bucket as empty as possible.

[00:14:47] When this toxic bucket gets full, if you are working and, and moving through life with an autoimmune condition. By the way don't say I have this or my, [00:15:00] this, you need to detach yourself from that same thing goes with skin stuff. My rosacea, my acne, my fine lines wrinkle equals

[00:15:07] Julie Michelson: don't own it.

[00:15:08] Rachel Varga: Don't own it.

[00:15:09] It's not you. Right? You, you need to kind of detach so that you can have that at some point almost associate, like we're bypassing that it's like spiritual bypassing in a way of.

[00:15:20] Julie Michelson: Let it go.

[00:15:23] Rachel Varga: keep that toxic bucket empty because if you are full with your toxic bucket, you say, have a laser or injectable or surgical procedure of any sort that toxic bucket gets full, it's gonna tip over.

[00:15:36] And you're going to probably experience things like rashes on your skin and uptick of. Eczema scalp irritation, ocular redness, puffiness. Even for myself, if I do have something done and my toxic bucket is as empty as possible. I am amazed at just even how it impacts my HIV. V. Anytime I do something, cuz it's putting a stress on your body with [00:16:00] rejuvenation.

[00:16:00] Julie Michelson: Sure, absolutely everything we do creates a stressor. And it's about having that resilience, which is why that. Toxic bucket is, is so important. And so many with any kind of autoimmune concerns, symptoms toxins. If, if not the number one driver, they certainly play a role. We were always, you know, checking and testing for toxins because, and yeah, I, I have, I just mentioned this on another episode of one client, her toxin panel came.

[00:16:34] Pristine. I could, I couldn't believe it. I was like, did you, did you send them water? Like, did you even pee in the cup? What is going on? And she laughed. She goes, I've been working on this for 20 years, so I'm really glad that it looks good, but it takes active. Rachel's mentioned we could just be done now.

[00:16:51] Like you've mentioned so many things. I, I would, I, I often personally listen to podcasts, a little sped. Cuz I [00:17:00] like to just get a lot of knowledge real quick. I would say if there's a way to slow, slow this one down or listen to it over and over because from air filters to omegas to, I mean, you name it, you guys don't even, may not even yet realize how much gold this woman just already gave you and we're not even done.

[00:17:19] I wanna circle back to kind of the omega idea. I. Often we'll talk to people. You know, I work with a lot of people with eczema and psoriasis and acne and issues. And so I wanna hear your thoughts on, and I, we didn't talk about this before, so I don't know what you're gonna say. I could be setting myself up for a big failure here.

[00:17:43] But this idea of this skin reflecting what's going on in the body or. You know, how, how do we set the stage to stay young or rejuvenate from the inside? What, give us a little more about that connection.

[00:17:58] Rachel Varga: by accident. I'll tell you that [00:18:00] much. This whole, I had Dave Asbury on my show and I've been on his two Bulletproof radio episode, 6 68. And. Said something really, really funny. You could tell we're friends in that episode kind of gives me a hard time. It's actually really cute, but he gets so irritated when he hears people say, I'm just going to age gracefully. What's gonna happen if you decide to take the easy route and just, you know, do kind of what you're told, just go along with, you know, the norm and stuff like that. You're gonna end up in a Walker and you're gonna end up in a diaper so slowing cellular aging is something I find fascinating. I really feel that this is the key to a higher level of beauty in radi.

[00:18:45] And that is what I study. My life's work is radiance. Now what the heck is that? Radiance is almost like when your body mind, spirit and energy are functioning at such a high vibratory level and all your mechanisms are working [00:19:00] well, your immune system's working well. So that same. When you have something impact your body, like we've been having just a ton of aerial spraying on the island.

[00:19:09] I live on to get rid of these gypsy Moss and I had nasal pain. I had like a clot come out in my nose. I was like, something's. Off here. And it's really frustrating because I do everything I can in my home, in my office to keep my air pure. So the things we should all be doing, like you said before, are air purification, water purification getting rid of your blue light and. Yeah, it's gotta be filtered. It's gotta be structured. It's gotta be mineralized. There's a whole deep dive on that and reducing your electromagnetics. So pre-recording, we, I was actually giving you a little bit of a warning on your aura ring there because I have a prediction of where these biohacking trackers are going, which I've mentioned on the Rachel Vaca podcast.

[00:19:57] I did this whole, you. Biohacking [00:20:00] prediction episode, where I kind of go off the deep end onto little things, but a few things I hate to sound like a know itall here, but I do have a trend to be able to pick up on things before they sort of

[00:20:14] Julie Michelson: Happen. That would be that energy thing we were talking about.

[00:20:18] Rachel Varga: I don't know. I don't know what it is, but I started doing video support in 20 18, 20 17 people thought it was nuts.

[00:20:25] They're like, Rachel, what are you doing? Lots of things. I kind of pick up on, like we were talking about like military space stuff, how that ends up the findings there, the applications end up making. Their way into the consumer marketplace, which is where all these air pur fires, water lighting non and radiation protection methods, devices, laptop, cell phone, all that stuff.

[00:20:47] Please. If you're listening to this, by the way, on a Bluetooth, the. Headset, put them down. Put your phone on airplane mode. Download, say this episode, use speaker phone, or like an air tube [00:21:00] wired headset, not Bluetooth, please, please, please. That's what you should all be doing. But for Omega's let's get back to that.

[00:21:05] So Omega's or anti-inflammatory so if you're getting to the root cause of aging, it's going to be toxins that are out of your control, which is actually really frustrating for someone like myself. I've been in two pretty rough car accidents. And I'm dealing with pain ongoing. So would I like to just kind of take the easy route and not have to do all this biohacking, not have to follow a low inflammatory diet and lifestyle.

[00:21:32] I mean, the money it takes me to do the time and energy that I have to do, so I'm not in pain and not having headaches all the time. Okay. The funny thing is the byproduct is my skin's never been better.

[00:21:44] Julie Michelson: You it talk about radiant

[00:21:47] Rachel Varga: My.

[00:21:48] Julie Michelson: that earlier, I was like, you're glowing.

[00:21:51] Rachel Varga: Thank you. My brain has never been sharper,

[00:21:55] Julie Michelson: Yeah.

[00:21:56] Rachel Varga: but I've reworked the way I live to a [00:22:00] more slower drama free, you know, forget about this jet set lifestyle that I was on track for accidents happened, bumped me into this like slower way of living. So you mentioned speeding up podcasts. I actually don't recommend that because it's gonna put you in that high beta state.

[00:22:18] It's like, let me get all the information as fast as I possibly can. Like, you don't wanna be there.

[00:22:23] Julie Michelson: Well, and not super, super fast to be fair. Just, just, you know, the, the 1.2, two, five, I think is the

[00:22:30] Rachel Varga: I know I'm just picking on you, but that will age you being in that high cortisol.

[00:22:36] Julie Michelson: Oh gosh. That I think faster than anything. And it, to me that constant high cortisol state qualifies as a toxin to me, like there, you can't discern the difference in the body.

[00:22:50] Rachel Varga: Right. Yeah. So getting back to omegas we are in the era of all of these ads on our social platforms, telling us to buy. If we don't [00:23:00] need, that's probably going to even make us sick. One of my clients was on a hair skin nail supplement that she bought off, like a face. Still great. Instagram ad actually deleted Instagram in March.

[00:23:11] It wast the best thing ever did which is ironic coming from someone with an online business. It's a very bold move. But I just, I don't like these platforms anymore. Cuz all they're doing is trying to. Get you to buy things that are for this lady. One of my clients, she's actually a nurse. She's an RN.

[00:23:26] She's like, man, I've had all these gut issues. Can't figure out what it is I had to call anoscopy and I couldn't figure it out. And I said that supplement you're on it is not listing the ingredients. It could be containing toxins that are making you sick. Cause you bought it from this like shady website.

[00:23:44] You might get a virus from And so she cut that out and she said, Rachel you're right. So making sure you're using products that you need to remember what I'm about to say here. So pay attention. All [00:24:00] of your products should always be third party independent lab tested. The same thing goes with rejuvenation products, rejuvenation injectables.

[00:24:08] I've seen people have go through class action lawsuits, you know, this bright, shiny object syndrome. I'm gonna get that in my face. Right. And hopefully it turns out I've seen this go very wrong with people. And when, when things go wrong, When your toxic bucket gets full, it's gonna go even more wrong. So a seven to eight year rule for anything I would say, even supplements or rejuvenation wise, third party, independent lab tested.

[00:24:35] So the quality of your omegas are really important. And I take a boatload of omegas. I take. Yeah. And you know, when I had someone on my show recently too he actually, I asked him, you know, what's his favorite hair? Skin nail supplement was kind of a trick question cuz it's never one thing. And he answered correctly, gotta look after the immune system, the adrenals, the brain, the heart your sleep, your hormones, the supplements [00:25:00] for all that life.

[00:25:00] So for all that, you'll get better skin. And he even said omega. So I thought that was great, but. Making sure your supplements are third party, independent lab tested products that have been on the market for at least seven to eight years. So I like products that actually have 15 to 35 years of research behind them.

[00:25:19] So

[00:25:20] Julie Michelson: love that. And this is coming from somebody who is as cutting edge as they get. Just so for the listeners that don't know you it's not because you're lazy or are doing things backwards or old school at all. Like you are way ahead of the curve. And so let's talk about that curve. That's the perfect segue, cause I want to make sure before we run out of time that we get to.

[00:25:47] This other really big, you know, you can't, one's not bigger day to day. I think always trumps, you know what you're doing daily for your body, your skin, your wellness is, is it that's your [00:26:00] foundation, right. But.

[00:26:03] What, what do listeners who have autoimmune or you said, you know, I don't, again, I don't care how you identify hopefully not as your illness. I, I joke all the time. I'm like, well, I had RA and people look at me like, I'm crazy. I'm like, I don't, I mean, say it however you want. But I, I do all of the things as if I still had active autoimmune symptoms, because that's how I don't have them.

[00:26:32] So what are the things that we need to avoid? We want rejuvenation, we, we make an appointment with you. We clean up our skincare. We're, you know, Inside out, outside in we're handling all of that. We're reducing our toxin load. We went and looked up biohacking to figure out why is Julia always talking about biohacking?

[00:26:51] And now Rachel's talking about biohacking, what's this stuff. And then we wanna get a little something, right? Like you said, we wanna either correct damage, [00:27:00] erect damage, whatever we wanna spruce it up a little bit. What are the things that are so important to avoid?

[00:27:07] Rachel Varga: So I want you to be using skincare and seeking out rejuvenation treatments to say like a laser to clear up brown spa, broken capillaries, sun damage, things like that. That actually make your skin healthy in the way that's promoting more collagen and elastin as well. Your skin. Care at home, rolling to again, be feeding and supporting your skin cells on a cellular level are really important, but it's a huge mind field.

[00:27:36] You want things that work, but you also want things that are gonna be clear of toxins. And you also wanna be doing the body mind, spirit and energy work. So that. Energy work is like your cellular house. So like grounding outside 50 minutes a day. I am very electromagnetically hypersensitive. It is the most annoying thing in the world.

[00:27:53] I'll sit in a movie theater with like the other day. I had a huge headache. It's frustrating. So what I do is [00:28:00] I four by four I'm in the woods four hours out of cell reception, two. A hundred kilometers outta cell reception on that island. I live on that's how like extreme I have to go. I kind of wish I didn't, but at least if you are standing outside for 15 30, 45 minutes a day to let your electromagnetic.

[00:28:19] Rebalance cuz we got a bit too positive and then your mitochondria aren't gonna be functioning as optimally because the ions, the positive and negative charges are gonna be off. Keep your phone on airplane mode as much as you can. I keep mine in a fairity cage actually, but here's the thing. Sometimes it's worthwhile.

[00:28:38] Paying someone to give you the short list and to keep you on the straight narrow. Because what I do for my clients is I help them determine the skincare routine, the normal rolling routine, sometimes some nice, really clean at home peel options. And then I give them a plan of what to do in the clinic.

[00:28:56] And there's a lot of laser options out there that are going to waste your [00:29:00] time and money, and actually unfortunately destroy the skin. And there's only. A few that actually create beautiful remodeling and beautiful collagen and outcomes. So this is kind of what you pay me for, instead of showing up to a clinic, getting that cookie cutter rejuvenation approach, which also cookie cutter aging slowly aging approach doesn't work.

[00:29:22] And yeah, you'll show up. You'll have like this free 15 minute consult with a representative who probably isn't even healthcare provider, not even asking you about your autoimmune, they'll say do a package of six of this, six of this, six of this. But you don't actually know that some of those things could maybe even be harming you with even some of the radio frequencies that are involved.

[00:29:41] And. So that's kind of where I come in. It's like, okay, go here, seek this out. And then I'm also gonna give you that ongoing support and guidance, which saves my clients thousands of dollars in like trying this and trying that and paying a package of six. And then you got that cash tied up in a clinic.

[00:29:59] That's the liability [00:30:00] or loose your liabilities. But the biohackers, Julie are, some of them are like really type a, they. Just wanna try everything. I recommend taking a step back, being a little bit more conservative with different types of interventions and technologies. The first generation is never the best.

[00:30:23] So I've seen this with like body contouring facial injectables, the first iteration of it, product formulation wise, it's gonna get honed in the second and third kind of revamp of it based on feedback. And also the way that the products and technologies are applied, continue to get honed gets honed over time.

[00:30:46] So protocols, procedures, products, it really does. Take seven to eight years to actually like find the magic sauce of, you know, getting this, to do this [00:31:00] for you. So that's kind of what I do with the biohackers are taking charge of their supplements or self care journey. Understanding toxic load theory.

[00:31:08] I'm writing that in all writing about that in all my academic papers UK journal coming out, you can find my research at rachelvaga.ca/research. You'll see a few of my open source papers there that you can actually read. And I'm just providing awareness, cuz the statistic of how many people have thyroid conditions and other autoimmune conditions and are really toxic.

[00:31:34] It's it's significant now. And

[00:31:37] Julie Michelson: Yes and growing.

[00:31:39] Rachel Varga: yeah, so it's just good for you to know that. Just because maybe someone in an aesthetic space says, oh, do this, you I'm sure you'll be fine. Well, Maybe there's a cleaner version or an alternative version that actually feels a bit more in alignment with your budget values lifestyle.

[00:31:57] So I work with the discerning of the [00:32:00] discerning of the discerning clients, and I teach how to be a more conscious consumer and go about your skin health in a less toxic, more healthy way. That's really just gonna support all your other body systems. Byproduct is you're gonna slow a, you're gonna slow your cellular AJ, and you're going to have better clear, less inflamed looking skin.

[00:32:22] Julie Michelson: And you'll be radiant, like miss Rachel.

[00:32:25] Rachel Varga: It's not gonna happen by accident though. That's for sure.

[00:32:27] Julie Michelson: Now, now I, I, you were quoting Dave Asbury and I It came out with, which is now my that's now my new saying it just fell outta my mouth when I was doing a podcast interview. You know, love to say that I, you know, planned it or wrote it out in a moment of inspiration and it's BA I wanna live young until I die.

[00:32:49] Like, I, I don't, I don't want that decline at all. I wanna, you know, I'm you feel younger now than I did 10, 15 years ago. And I wanna keep feeling [00:33:00] younger.

[00:33:00] Rachel Varga: You wanna be that SP 80,

[00:33:02] Julie Michelson: Yeah,

[00:33:03] Rachel Varga: year old, right? Living, living the life, living the dream.

[00:33:07] Julie Michelson: Absolutely. I want the Rachel Vargas of the world saying, well, what are you doing? I need to include that in my practice. So I love it.

[00:33:16] People take her up on it. Book a call. Rachel is such a, just vast wealth of knowledge again, because it's never just. It's not about what you're putting on your skin. It is, but, and, and, and, and it's, and so it's about living fully on all these different levels to radiate like Rachel does.

[00:33:41] Rachel Varga: Yeah. And I look forward to having you on the show too, the Rachel Vaga podcast, and hang out with me there. By the way, I wanted to let everybody know that if you use promo code Julie 15, that will give you 15% off of your one-on-one session with me, that you can [00:34:00] [email protected]. Trust me, it'll be worth it.

[00:34:02] I'll be there to be your, you know, secret best friend in your back pocket and time you have a skin question. I'm there in emails with my clients every single day I got rid of Instagram. So I had more time to actually be there for my clients.

[00:34:14] Julie Michelson: amazing. So amazing. And again, people are probably like, what, wait, she's doing this, you know, virtually yes, she's doing this virtually. So, you know, hit her up to get, take, take advantage of that. Promo code and, and book your call for sure. Before we wrap I, this is gonna be so hard cuz there were probably about 150 things already mentioned.

[00:34:39] But one thing, what is one step, if listeners today are like, I'm gonna do that. One thing that Rachel says, and I'm gonna move the needle on my, my health, I'm gonna start to slow that cellular aging. What can they do?

[00:34:55] Rachel Varga: question.

[00:34:56] Julie Michelson: know, I'm sorry.

[00:34:57] Rachel Varga: But I'm gonna sort of [00:35:00] say spiritual your intuition is always right. If you're thinking, oh, you know, maybe I should clean up this in my life or kind of like feeling this way. I think I might be this it's probably that . And if you have any questions from what Julie and I spoke about today very reachable over email info at rachelvarga.ca 

[00:35:20] I do have like a nine keys free download. So it's like your basic skin stuff. And then for biohacking things that I'd like you to employ, like what I mentioned, the air, water lighting EMFs, and that's at rachelvarga.ca/slowaging. And

[00:35:36] Julie Michelson: All of those links are in the show notes and basically everything you ever needed to know. Rachel, thank you so much. You have shared amazing gold with us today.

[00:35:47] Rachel Varga: My pleasure and I really hope, hope that we can connect soon. And I can take you on an off grid, adventure, maybe a saw mama bear and three Cubs the other day. So yeah, that [00:36:00] invitation is there.

[00:36:01] Julie Michelson: I, and you will be hearing from me. I am planning on doing my very best to get to see you without a screen between us in the very near future. So I'm excited.

[00:36:12] Rachel Varga: Thank you.

[00:36:12] Julie Michelson: For everyone listening. Remember you can get the show notes and transcripts by visiting inspired living.show. I hope you had a great time and enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

[00:36:23] I'll see you next week.
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Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS, Board Certified Ae
Rachel Varga BScN, RN, CANS is a Double Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011 with over 20,000 procedures performed, an international clinical trainer for other Physicians and Nurses, celebrity skin expert featured on Bulletproof Radio, Ask the Health Expert Podcast with JJ Virgin, LIVE with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci and Naveen Jain and more!

Rachel is also a speaker and a 5 time academically published award-winning author in the field of plastic and aesthetic nursing as well as an executive board member and peer reviewer for The Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing Journal.

Through education on skin care, skin and laser rejuvenation, non-surgical solutions, healing lifestyle and biohacking practices, Rachel helps inspire others with her unique toolkit to navigate and strategize aging impossibly well – using the Holistic SCIENCE of BEAUTY at RachelVarga.ca where One on One sessions for at-home and in-clinic skin rejuvenation are available.
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